Video of an Illegal the Left won’t want you to see

This woman rummages through a car that is not hers. As she does so, the owner of the car films her.

When she discovers that she’s been caught, she pulls a move that would make Bill and Hillary Clinton proud parents of this illegal miscreant, as she just smoothly waves it off!

The problem is, you likely can’t understand her, since she doesn’t “speak American!


I get it! She was just CLEANING UP HIS CAR? Doing the job that he nor any other American wanted to do?

Think of the patience it took for this young man to simply film this, and not yank her illegal ass out of his car, and pin her down until the police arrived!

This is the type of “American” that Liberals would elect to Congress…no, Senator…no, el PRESIDENTE!

And to think that Democrats want millions more of these stellar citizens!

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