The Real Reason the Fed Wants to License Drones

When you think of drones, think guns. Because that’s how the Fed thinks of drones.

The government will never tell you why they fear our possessing drones, so drone-control will be presented as yet another favor our government is doing for our safety.

You have as much chance of being hit by a drone, than a falling bird or a meteor, but that possibility will be raised. Further, the Fed will tell you that people with drones can spy on you, which should give you a real chuckle. The government who captures all our phone conversations and web traffic, and currently monitors us with drones will want us to believe that they are concerned about our privacy.


When the government does something, hold on to your WALLET or your FREEDOMS! Generally speaking, they are concerned ONLY FOR THEMSELVES.

This is why the Fed wants to register your drone! To avoid a potential crisis, as the airspace is in danger.

And because the Fed wants drone-control, you will need to get a license to own and operate a drone. And if your drone delivers anything, then you will need a SPECIAL license.

So for example, if you decide to use your drone to send your friend back his watch that he left at your house after your party, you could be fined for not using a licensed, government-approved drone. This drone will no doubt be a drone built by a Liberal-owned company and big donor to some fat cat Democrat. The award for the drone manufacturing would have come via a single-source bid.

Hackers will be in big demand. They will intercept drones, creating an amazing black market. Innocent people can be arrested, when drone police find illegal narcotics being delivered by a drone commandeered by a nefarious hacker.

Websites like “Drone Voyeur” will crop up all over, as drones perform as Peeping Toms for lecherous Liberals. Drones, however, will be banned from Washington DC airspace, as Congress will realize the repercussions of drones spying on them.

There is good news, as the government will drop the farce of climate change for a while, since they will be extorting money from “airspace.”

Everyone will eventually be required to own a drone. And that drone will be required to have “liability insurance,” and ultimately “DroneCare,” to make sure that the drone remains in good working condition. The poor will initially have unregistered drones where they make their dope deliveries. Ultimately, ObamaDrones will be created for the poor, paid for by taxpayers. These drones will allow the poor drone usage, but only 250 minutes a month.

Ultimately, UBER will enter the drone business, proclaiming they are just a DRONE APP company, and all will be good in the world as people only use UBER drones.

We will find out that UBER is owned by the Fed, and we will have a single-payer drone system, all for the sake of public safety, right?



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