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It was bound to happen, and I’m wondering what took so long. OUT magazine finally recognized the gayest president in history.

No, Obama hasn’t admitted to his homosexual activities in his past, but anybody can see where the man’s heart is.

The LGBT community calls Obama an “ally,” but he is definitely more than that. I will not be surprised when Obama finally admits that he enjoys the company of men.

I’m not sure where Obama will put this latest award. He can’t put it by the Nobel Peace Prize, since he actually earned the “Ally of the Year” award, as the Washington Post reports:

Celebrating a year in which same-sex couples won the right to marry nationwide, OUT magazine named President Obama its “Ally of the Year” Tuesday.

Obama’s image on the cover marks the first time a sitting American president has been photographed for an LGBT magazine. Aaron Hicklin, the magazine’s editor, boasted in a letter to readers: “I did get that selfie.”

Hicklin wrote that he dreamed of “walking in a park, laughing” with Obama as they traversed the streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, but even the short time Hicklin spent at the White House made an impression.

“You do not get much time with the president for a photo shoot — about four minutes, five if you’re lucky — and there’s something surreal and tense about kicking your heels in the White House library while waiting for your subject to materialize,” Hicklin wrote. “Yet when the president walks into the room — and it’s a small room, lined with books and a few ornamental swords, one gifted to George Washington by the French — the air rushes in with him.”

These people would swoon over navel lint.

The article goes on to say:

While the president opposed same-sex marriage for several years before supporting it in 2012, Hicklin wrote, his “last-minute conversion” gave crucial momentum to the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling to legalize such unions.

Then they drop the “bombshell” that Obama was only lying to people when he said he opposed same-sex marriage.


[Obama privately backed gay marriage while publicly opposing it, top adviser says]

I suspect that Obama had never publicly supported same-sex anything, while privately participating. It’s just another of the Obama lies that were uncovered once he was given the keys to the kingdom.




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