Proof: Obama Planned the Deconstruction of America

A question often asked about Obama is, “Is he just incompetent at an unbelievable level, or is his destruction of America intentional?”

That may be two questions, but either way, America has suffered mightily at the hands of Obama. And there are many American who believe Obama’s dismantling of America is indeed intentional.

As one report  read:

President Obama likes to claim he’s been forced into rogue executive actions, laying the blame on an intransigent Congress. In fact, his lawlessness is coldly calculated, dating back to his days as a Chicago community organizer.

Consider what he wrote on page 276 of his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” reflecting on his decision to study law: “I had things to learn in law school, things that would help me bring about real change. I would learn power’s currency in all its intricacy and detail, knowledge that I could now bring back to where it was needed…bring it back like Promethean fire.”

Obama fancies himself a modern-day Prometheus stealing laws from the oppressive Founding Fathers for the benefit of the oppressed.

Obama knows that the Founding Fathers intentionally limited the powers of any one branch of government to go guerilla, and yet that is exactly what he has done. In one breath he tells you what he can’t do, then in the next action he does it.

“I just took an action to change the law!” he reminded Hispanic activists in Chicago last week, referring to his executive amnesty.

So in fact, Obama’s goal in attending Harvard Law School was to learn how to get around the law. One of Obama’s mentors was Professor Derrick Bell, who bashed the Constitution as a form of “original sin.”

Obama’s use of “technicalities” and ambiguities in the laws has been the hallmark of his life, and always to his advantage. ObamaCare is in place on a technicality, despite the obvious drain on the economy, and the fact that it has hurt far more people than it helped. We all know by now of the “If you like your doctor (plan), you can keep your plan…period!” Then came the technicality.

The only question remaining for sane Americans is why Obama hasn’t been impeached. How can you swear to uphold the Constitution, then dismantle it? Did Obama swear his Oath of Office on a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey?



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