New Dept Created Within the Already Worthless Department of Education

The Department of Education is creating another department within its worthless structure.

The group who has given America the most self-indulgent, entitled teachers and the dumbest kids in the history of the country now wants to protect kids from bad educations or no educations at all.

I’d be willing to bet that the average parent could provide their child a far better using Google, YouTube, and Skype than the child could get from an Ivy League school at $200,000 a year.

But the Fed is here to protect us, right? So according to the Washington Post,

The Education Department said Monday that it was creating a student-aid enforcement unit that will “respond more quickly and efficiently to allegations of illegal actions by higher education institutions.”

Critics have complained that the government didn’t move swiftly enough to take action against for-profit schools such as Corinthian Colleges, which filed for bankruptcy protection last year amid fraud allegations, closing schools and leaving thousands of students with hefty debt and frustrated efforts at earning degrees.

“When Americans invest their time, money and effort to gain new skills, they have a right to expect they’ll actually get an education that leads to a better life for them and their families,” said Acting Education Secretary John B. King Jr. “Schools looking to cheat students and taxpayers will be held accountable.”

The new unit will investigate potential abuse and fraud. It will be led by Robert Kaye, a former Federal Trade Commission enforcement attorney.

As part of his 2017 budget, President Obama is requesting more than $13 million in additional money to strengthen enforcement and oversight of the billions of dollars in student financial grants and loans the government provides.

As you can see, this new department is not monitoring itself for empty promises and dreams unfulfilled in traditional colleges. It’s going after for-profit schools!

As if the not-for-profit schools fare much better?

I’d love to see statistics of graduates who get jobs by college or university. Then let’s look at average pay. Then let’s look at degree plans.

Shouldn’t we take a look at all these factors, given how much money we soak into what I deem a worthless system? Why should we pay for graduates with degrees in French Renaissance Literature, as that has very little potential for return on investment.

I want the government to monitor itself. Sure there are unscrupulous people (Liberals) ready to take advantage of any situation. But they pale in comparison to crooked politicians.



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