The Trump is in the Details

Ted Cruz tried to explain Donald Trump’s record on Planned Parenthood, and Trump called Cruz a liar.

As this video shows, Cruz was not lying as he used Trump’s own words, where Trump says he is “very pro-choice,” adding that he hates abortion.


In Trump’s defense, he sees his answer as being anti-abortion, which is to say “pro-life.” With a bit of clarification, Trump could have made his point, as many Conservatives understand that it is impossible to take away a woman’s right to choose, but you can be pro-life.

If a pregnant woman chooses to jump in front of a speeding car, killing herself and her unborn child, that is HER choice. America will NEVER legislate choice, but we can change our moral compass.

What this video shows is that as with many of Trump’s comments, you have to look deeper for the real explanation, as Trump believes people understand his deeper meanings. That could be a political liability, unless he learns how to better explain the nuances of his past comments.

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