Cops on Video Dish Out Old School Discipline on Black Teen

Check out this old school discipline. When I first saw this, I really wanted to know what this kid did to set this cop off?

This is a campus police at a black school. I don’t condone what he did in any way, but given today’s climate for cops and the fact that being a black teen thug is “fashionable,” I was certainly curious. The only people lacking from the lives of black teen thugs are strong black male role models.

According to FOX News,

The cop doing the kicking and punching was Anthony Spence, 44, and the cop watching is Saverna Bias, 53. After video surfaced of this incident, they turned themselves in Tuesday night, according to an announcement by the following morning. Both are charged with second-degree assault and misconduct in office. Spence is also charged with second-degree child abuse.

Spence acknowledged in a telephone conversation with media that he was the subject of a criminal investigation into the actions captured on cellphone video last week at the REACH Partnership School.

Spence said recently that he wouldn’t discuss the matter because the news media would “twist” the story.

“Right now, I’m the bad guy,” he said. He referred questions to his lawyer, Michael Davey, who didn’t immediately respond to a phone call Wednesday morning.

How much money will the city of Baltimore pay this kid’s family?


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