Rich White Girls Gone Bad

There are many signs of the times when it comes to white women. For example, you know you live in trying times when a rich white woman, a bona fide criminal is running for the presidency.

We have a new batch of “bad white girls,” the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, and now Maria Sharapova.

Over the weekend the media teased that Sharapova would be making an announcement. Speculation was that Sharapova might retire. At 28, Sharapova would be a bit young to retire, but she had options. She could MODEL, as babygirl is not bad on the eyes.

As it turns out however, Sharapova announced instead that she was on the juice, having tested positive for a banned substance.

The drug she juiced is called Meldonium and had been prescribed by a doctor for her magnesium deficiency and a family history of diabetes. Sharapova supposedly has been taking the drug for over ten years, but then it suddenly hit the banned list as of Jan 1 of this year with a rule change.

Why did Meldonium suddenly hit the banned list? A statement from the World Anti-Doping Agency confirmed the drug was added to the banned list this year “because of evidence of its use by athletes with the intention of enhancing performance.”

I’m not one to cast aspersions, but things like this don’t just suddenly creep up. And despite what people may think, tennis is a tough sport, and staying on top requires all the training as any professional sport. So though the sport of tennis is gentile to the onlookers, it’s just as cutthroat as the UFC.

Given that Sharapova had been taking the substance for over ten years, I would think her response might have been something like,

“My doctors are looking for a suitable replacement,”


“Perhaps there is some residual in my fatty tissue.”

But no, Sharapova just fell on the sword.

“I take full responsibility for it,” she said. “I made a huge mistake. I let my fans down. I let my sport down.

“I don’t want to end my career this way. … I know many of you thought I was retiring. But if I was ever going to announce my retirement it would not be in this downtown Los Angeles hotel with this fairly ugly carpet.”

For the record, for a magnesium deficiency, couldn’t she just have taken magnesium?

Meldonium has been found to enhance the performance of endurance athletes, and that’s why Sharpova took the drug.

What next? Doping in GOLF!





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