Brazil Does To Their President What America Should Do To Obama

Brazil just showed real courage, reinforcing the fact that the people are in charge of their government officials.

As FOX News reported,

Brazil’s lower house of Congress voted late Sunday to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, delivering a major blow to a long-embattled leader who repeatedly argued that the push against her was a “coup.”

Rousseff is accused of using accounting tricks in managing the federal budget to maintain spending and shore up support. She has said previous presidents used similar maneuvers and stressed that she has not been charged with any crimes or implicated in any corruption scandals.

However, she failed to secure the support she needed, and the needed two-thirds of lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies voted to oust her.

With at least 342 of 513 deputies voting in favor of impeachment, the measure passed. Several lawmakers had yet to vote, so the final tally could be an even wider victory for the opposition.

The measure now goes to the Senate. If by a simple majority the Senate votes to take it up and put the president on trial, Rousseff will be suspended and the top job taken by Vice President Michel Temer.

Accounting tricks? The same ones of previous presidents.

Sounds like what our government does, and how Obama has been “shoring up the economy,” with fake data and fake reports.

America is way past due to make politicians report ONLY the facts, and to hold them accountable for their lies. But as we all know, Congress doesn’t have the balls to impeach Obama, despite his obvious lies about this dreadful economy.

Nevertheless, we should be proud of Brazil for mounting their equivalent of a Tea Party movement to take steps to get rid of their crooked president.

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