Obama Brags About Failed Legacy

What else is new in the Era of Black Irony, as Obama brags on failure.

I don’t think most Leftist, and certainly not black Liberals even realize the irony, as black Barack Obama brags about reducing unemployment (a lie), while unemployment among blacks remains at staggering high levels.

Obama brags about a fraudulent stock market that has the least amount of participation among blacks in decades.

Investor’s Business Daily reported on Obama’s skewed view of the economy, and how he “rescued” (his exacted word) America from the housing market collapse. Obama did this by printing over $1 trillion annually since his election, and these are dollars not backed by anything, except hardworking Americans willing to go deeper into debt at the hands of a madman.

The list of Obama failures is exhaustive, and only a first-class moron would believe Obama or his policies to be anything other than dismal.

ObamaCare has crippled the American economy while offering nothing new in healthcare, nor has it increased the number of people covered. Obama’s bailouts cost taxpayers billions, as he propped up the unions, but failed to create any significant new jobs. Healthcare costs have risen every year, with insurance for most being declared unaffordable, because of the ironic Affordable Healthcare Act.

Millions of people have disengaged from the workforce as Obama takes credit for reducing unemployment. It’s reported that 20 percent of households in America has nobody working, a statistic in which the Obama administration takes pride, Obama administration spokespersons saying, [pp] “Thankfully we have a welfare system that can handle this burden.”

In no quarter during the Obama administration has the GDP been beyond a crawl, and that’s with the government feeding us bogus numbers. One can only imagine what the real numbers are.¬†Obama has scuttled industry after industry, like coal, oil, manufacturing, while promoting green energy failure after failure in an attempt to pay back his campaign backers.

In a word, the Obama administration and those who support this Dr. Black Evil are delusional. If Obama were George Bush, Leftists would have burned down the White House.

Obama will leave a legacy of failure at every turn. The Left will try to redefine failure as success, because that’s what they are best at. Redefining wrongly.

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