Black Liberals: Guilty of Their Own Ignorance

The question I get asked the most is, “Why do black people continue to vote Democrat?” I would usually give an elaborate answer, about how blacks were slowly conditioned to believe the lies of the Democrats, and that LBJ’s policy of “give ’em enough to get by, but not enough to get over” has been remarkably successful.

But the real answer is much simpler: black Liberals are idiots.

Consider this an intervention, black Liberals. The problems black Liberals have are created by BLACK LIBERALS.

The proof is in the facts, and the Washington Post highlights some of the very reasons I say that black Liberals are the most ignorant group in America, and not per capita.

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The New York Times and the Kaiser Family Foundation published an opinion poll Friday of residents of Chicago, a city that’s currently wrestling with overlapping crises in its schools, police department, public finances, criminal justice system and city hall. “Residents of Chicago,” writes the Times’ Monica Davey, “appear to have lost faith in many of its essential institutions.”

The results of the poll are bleak but not surprising, given long-building discontent with Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), surging crime and a Justice Department investigation of the city’s police. Nearly half of parents with children at home said they would like to leave the city. Three-quarters of all respondents said they believed the city had seriously gotten on the wrong track.

Half want to leave, but they don’t. Three-quarters say the city has gotten on the wrong track. Alert: the city has BEEN on the wrong track for DECADES!

The article continues,

The data, though, is particularly revealing for what it says about the very different experiences in Chicago of blacks and whites, who, because of largely decades-old patterns of segregation, largely inhabit separate sides of the city. Whites and blacks offered bluntly different responses to many questions. Sixty-three percent of blacks said they thought the biggest problem facing the city was crime, violence or gangs; just 35 percent of whites said the same (they’re more likely to cite economic and budget issues). Forty-six percent of blacks said they’d made changes to their daily routine as a result of the recent rise in violent crime; only about half as many whites report having done so.

Twenty-three percent of blacks said they believe they’ve been denied housing they could afford because of their race. Two percent of whites said the same.

So blacks are complaining about a city run by Democrats for DECADES is racially segregated, and yet who do they vote for?

Frankly, I’m tired of black Liberals even being taken seriously publicly, because the white racist Leftists who pander to them at election time laugh heartily at these morons behind their backs. All blacks in these cities have to do is NOT vote for Democrats…JUST ONE TIME…and things would change dramatically.

Are black Liberals too brain-dead to put two plus two together on how these problems are created? There is not a Republican in sight, and yet these fools continue to vote straight ticket Democrat.

I’m not saying for blacks to all become Republicans, because the Republicans have become Democrat-light sissies. But at least put the parties on notice that the “pat pat” on the head and the pandering days are over.


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