Facebook Bans “NOT Gay” Page Staff

You’d think that in the wake of allegations that Facebook targets Conservative pages, they would tread lightly, but not so.

Facebook banned the NOT Gay page staff. ALL my editors were banned for 30 days for the post below.

It’s ok to bash men, real men (if they’re white, then BONUS!). God-forbid a Facebook page is not 100 percent LGBT-compliant, or you get what my NOT Gay site got: banned!

FB capture 05-24-16I started the NOT Gay movement in response to all the gay people “coming out,” as if being gay was some kind of fashion statement. Worse yet, these people were called courageous. It’s not courageous to admit 20 or 30 years later that one is gay. Believe it or not,  most people KNOW when somebody is gay. The only person surprised is the coward who comes out.

Jason Collins was my impetus for starting the  NOT Gay page, as he declared that he had bamboozled a young woman, his FIANCEE for years. With 4 out of 10 men having HIV, I think the responsible thing for him would have been to just TELL HER THE TRUTH, but that’s just me.

Then there was Michael Sam, the gay man who was supposed to be the first openly gay NFL player. Oops.

Suddenly homosexuality was in vogue, and “coming out” was worthy of a call from the president! Thus the NOT Gay Man Woman movement, the NGMW was born.

The LGBT wanted to make “coming out” something akin to the oppression of blacks, as if being gay in America denotes oppression. Gays self-oppress, as they hide behind who they really are, then have the nerve to say to blacks, “We’re like you!”

No you are not, because black people don’t “come out,” we ARE out. I’m not minimizing the bias against gays, as that does exist. However it’s nothing, repeat nothing in comparison to people kept as slaves, treated as chattel and having no recourse.

As for the NOT Gay site on Facebook, it is not a “bash gay people” site, but a celebration of being NOT Gay. Occasionally we showcased how the LGBT Gestapo bullies the world into looking at sexuality over humanity, but for the most part my site was merely a spoof site around the nonsensical issues of the LGBT community.

Straight Out - Dwayne The Rock JohnsonNOT Gay “outs” those we deemed were NOT Gay, our spotlight turned on real men like Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, and so on. We track the movements of these Hollywood hunks, see them with their wives and children, then “out” them as NOT Gay. That is our “voice.”

No harm, no foul, just having fun at the expense of Liberals who yet again, place their self-indulgent “genitalian” needs over those of others. The LGBT wine about their issues, and all the difficulties of being gay, while wholly ignoring the difficulties of being human.

It’s hell being poor, and being poor is an experience all races, cultures, religions, and so on share. But the NOT Gay are supposed to focus on the issue of a person dealing with sexuality. Allow me to be more clear. If you are poor, life sucks. If you are rich and gay, life DOES NOT SUCK!

Back to Zuckerberg, whose company banned yet another Conservative site. Facebook’s motto is supposedly about “opening and connecting” the world, but that’s a ruse. The Left has but one agenda, and that agenda is to allow ONE world voice…a voice dictated by Liberals.

I hope you will join me at Tea Party Community, where we are free to express our views openly and honestly. If you are interested, you can get your NGMW shirt here.

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