Bernie or Bust: Hillary Clinton Desperation Like Toilet Paper on a Shoe

If only Bernie Sanders would just go away?! Hillary Clinton’s desperation is easy to spot as the nose on Barbara Streisand’s face.

Holy cow, this woman might lose California to Bernie Sanders. As if Sanders still being in the race isn’t embarrassing enough, Sanders might actually win.

A frickin’ SOCIALIST is the Democrats’ great white hope!

As CNN reports,

In private conversations on Capitol Hill, senior Democrats are weighing how to persuade Sanders to step aside without appearing as if they are trying to strong-arm him out of the race. In a phone call last month, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid made the case to Sanders why it would make sense for him to leave the race after New Jersey and California vote on June 7, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

The widespread view, according to interviews with senators, House members and senior party officials, is that Sanders needs to see the writing on the wall himself: That he has no mathematical possibility to win the race and would be better-served to see his agenda enacted if he urged his backers to support Clinton.
I’m actually shocked that CNN is even reporting this. After all, the discussion was private.
The funny thing is these Leftist A-holes have the nerve to say that the Republicans are in trouble?! They privately are begging the old fart Sanders the socialist to please roll over and let Hillary have her shot.
“Just let her TRY, Bernie! We OWE HER!”

In truth, they know that Hillary can’t win. With all the cheating and conniving of the Left, they know that the anti-Hillary crowd that makes up at least 30 percent of Sanders people don’t want Hillary Clinton, aka more political status quo.

The dirty secret is the “Bernie or Bust” movement is at least as large as the black vote, probably larger.


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