Bomb Alert in Brussels: More Muslim Fun and Frolic in Europe

Remember when bombings were something we only heard about in Israel?

In what will become the new normal, there is yet another radical Muslim terror alert, this one in Brussels. The good news is when we hear terror alert soon, we won’t have to put “radical Islamist” in front, because we know the source.

As the Daily Mail reports,

Belgium has been on high alert since November in the wake of the massacres in Paris that killed 130 people, with extra police and military mobilised.

And the country is still reeling from attacks on March 22, when ISIS bombers targeted Brussels airport and subway, killing 32 people.

Today’s operation comes a week after police and anti-terrorism investigators were alerted to the possibility that small groups of ISIS extremists have left Syria for France and Belgium with plans to stage attacks.

Belgian intelligence services sent a note to French counterparts about the warning was then sent to police across France, a French security official said.

Belgium’s Derniere Heure tabloid reported that Belgium’s anti-terror office warned police that fighters with access to weapons may have left Syria about 10 days ago for Belgium and France.

Happy Summer Solstice, World! The Left will blame the rash of Muslim violence on global climate change (warming, in this case).

Or the rise in Muslim extremist attacks, aka Islamic terrorists is due to the lack of opportunities (to kill more infidels) around the world.

The fact is, the Left want bombings to be the new normal. And after each attack, Obama (or some other Leftists) will remind us to be more tolerant towards our radical Islamic attackers, because they, let’s all say it together: “Don’t represent Islam.”

Who do they represent? Go here for more details on the story.


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