Gay Pride v BLM: Groups Collide in San Francisco

Liberals have so many special interests, which is why they are constantly colliding. A perfect example happened in Orlando, when the Muslim-loving Liberals watch a radical Islamist attack gays, killing 49 and wounding 53. This forebode Gay Pride v BLM.

In the aftermath of Orlando, gays began to arm themselves, upending the anti-gun Liberal nutsacks’ agenda. Such is Liberalism. A contradiction within itself…all the time, as it did in California when Gay Pride v BLM over gay marriage. In that case gays tried to equate their sexual deviancy with the Civil Rights movement for blacks. Let’s call that LGBT v BLM Pt 1.

In LGBT v BLM Pt 2, we learn from Vox that blacks did not support the Gay Pride weekend festivities.

Bay Area members of the black millennial social justice movement withdrew from the event on Friday, stating that they will no longer participate in this weekend’s festivities in response to SF Pride organizers’ push for increased police presence.

“The Black Lives Matter network is grateful to the people of San Francisco for choosing us, we choose you too,” Malkia Cyril, a Black Lives Matter member, said in a press release. “As queer people of color, we are disproportionately targeted by both vigilante and police violence. We know first hand that increasing the police presence at Pride does not increase safety for all people. Militarizing these events increases the potential for harm to our communities and we hope in the future SF Pride will consider community-centered approaches to security at pride events.”

Just so we are clear. Gays asked for cops, and I’m guessing this was because of the threat of radical Muslims. The idea of having cops to protect gays from Muslims was scary to blacks who (1) have the Nation of Islam, and (2) a black Liberal created beef with the cops.

The funny thing is the gays were MUCH safer at this year’s Gay Pride festivities for two reasons: (1) they had lots more cops, and (2) they had lots fewer black Liberals.

And lucky for the gays, they had the cops, which meant no radical Muslim attacks. Carry one!



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