Republican Governor Fights Teachers Union Using Liberals Tactics

Finally Republicans may be starting to get it.

The Republican governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner is fighting Liberals using their own tactics. He’s doing it for the KIDS!

As reported in DNA News,

Angry at the prospects of city schools not opening in the fall, the Chicago Teachers Union on Thursday slammed Gov. Bruce Rauner and Chicago Public Schools chief Forrest Claypool over their use of schoolchildren as pawns in the state’s budget battle.

Claypool, the district’s chief executive officer, lashed back that he was “shocked” the union was “surrendering to Gov. Rauner and letting him off the hook.” Claypool charged that it was the governor who was holding students hostage across the state and “he should let the children go.”

The union’s comments came in response to Claypool insisting that CPS won’t open in the fall without a state budget, or at least an education spending plan. The state has been without a budget for over a year, and legislators failed to ink a deal this spring.

Rauner has the Chicago Teachers Union over a barrel. They want to blame him for not educating the kids, but he’s the governor, not a teacher. Think of it as “shutting down the government,” and how the Democrats squeal every time Republicans do it. Well this is the Liberal equivalent of “shutting out the kids.”

Sadly, few teachers are educating the kids anyway, and are little more than bad babysitters. I’d like to see Rauner move some of the education budget away from the teachers’ unions and to the 30 percent of people who don’t use the public indoctrination system. That would really send the Liberals into a frenzy.

Kudos to Rauner for reeling in a union that shouldn’t exist. The people who educate our children have choices. They are not locked into the public school cesspool, so they shouldn’t be able to hold America hostage, when it comes to education. Because the outcome in education has been so bad, Rauner and other governors have the opportunity to de-tooth and de-claw these worthless unions, and make sure that our kids get real educations.


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