The Truth on Justice Clarence Thomas’ “Retirement”

I’m fresh out of a meeting with one of my idols. I liked Justice Clarence Thomas before I met him only a few minutes ago, but now he has “Rock Star” status with me; what a meeting.

I landed at 11:00A in DC, and my meeting was to be at 1P ET. His admin asked to reschedule the meeting, as the Justice was going to leave earlier. The change meant that I needed to go straight to the Supreme Court building from the airport.

Justice Thomas was in a meeting with predominantly black underprivileged kids, so I had to wait a bit. He finished up just after noon, and I was invited into his office.

He had done his homework on me, and we discussed similar experiences. My meeting with him was eye-opening, and truly one of the most enjoyable meetings I’ve had in some time. Justice Thomas is a hoot. Affable beyond belief. His laugh is infectious.

For those concerned about how he feels about black Liberals talking about him, I assure you he could not care less! It was quite fun as he informed me that he freely goes to all the “Liberal” events, and he is not hassled much at all. Even when people start out questioning his “blackness,” at the end they want pictures with him.

What an intellect! I was dazzled, when he discussed what “in those books” as he pointed at his law books in his office. He joked that people said that Scalia did all of his work for him. “What will I do now?”, he laughed.

I had almost forgotten to ask about his retirement, when we began discussing the media, and he mentioned, “This nonsense about me retiring.”

I excitedly said, “You aren’t!?” He said, “Heck no. I’m about to hire my 2018, I mean 2017 clerks!,” he confessed chuckling at the notion.

He said the media lies, either for propaganda or enrichment. There is very little to believe in media, which is why he stopped paying attention to media in the ’80’s. His analogy to me was, “If you look at that clock, and it always has the wrong time, you eventually quit looking at the clock.”

I was truly blessed to spend almost two hours with one of the most sage men of my generation. I am privileged to have met with Justice Clarence Thomas, and I hope to do so again soon.

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