Zimmerman Channeling His Inner Trump

George Zimmerman is at it again. I’m actually starting to like the guy. While America hasn’t heard hide nor hair of Darren Wilson, Zimmerman has not shied away from life.

Nor should he.

His recent statement about Muslims shows that Zimmerman may finally have figured out that life goes on. Sure, a lot of black Liberals want him dead, but that’s what black Liberal do…kill white Hispanics. And white people in general.  And black people more specifically.

According to the Daily Mail,

George Zimmerman is weighing in on the Orlando massacre, saying that gun shops should stop selling weapons to all Muslims.

‘Wake up America! We are being slaughtered by terrorists under the thinly veiled guise of “Muslim religion” but the spin from the White House is that this is about evil guns, not what is truly at fault, an evil Muslim terrorist,’ he penned in an essay for a conservative website. ‘American gun shop owners and brokers need to practice moral due-diligence …Do not arm those who wish to kill Americans!’

He goes on to praise Florida Gun Supply, a gun store he says refuses to sell weapons to any Muslims. ‘My friend Andy Hallinan at Florida Gun Supply has figured this out; he doesn’t sell guns to Muslims. (Yes, in a world where bakers are forced to make gay wedding cakes, it’s ironic.) Unfortunately, St. Lucie Shopping Center didn’t have the same no-Muslims policy.’

Not only should eating bacon be a litmus test to buying a gun, but showing your voter affiliation should be as well. If you are a Democrat, then you are anti-gun, and should not be able to buy one.

Kudos for Zimmerman for channeling his “inner Donald Trump.”

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