American Liberal: Decades of Torture

Meet one of the biggest scumbags in America. I don’t know his name, but I know he’s a Liberal. And Liberals have given America decades of torture.

I understate it, when I say that Liberals have given America decades of torture. In fact, Liberals are the scourge of the planet. And the worst version of Liberal is the “American” version.

American Liberals have lived in the greatest country since the forming of governments, yet they see no beauty. The American Liberal cannot achieve happiness, unless he or she ruins the life of somebody else. They claim to seek Utopia, while they create hell all around them.

If you want to screw up your happy ecosystem, introduce a Liberal. Below is one such parasite.

This man posted this message on Humans of New York, a site that finds random people and gives you insight into each of them.

This Liberal says that America has performed decades of torture, murder, and oppression. Ironic, given America’s IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!

This man may look ordinary, actually sane. However Liberals like him hide in plain sight. They are a creation of the manufacturing plants of ignorance, known as colleges and universities. Communist professors fill their tiny brains with nonsense, Hollyweird teaches them how to dress, and spits them out into the world.

Once in the world, Liberals begin their decades of torture; torture of hardworking citizens of the world.

I won’t bother to recount all the great things about America. It would simply take too long. So for this moron to say that almost 3,000 Americans deserved to die offends me greatly. I’d like to ship his sorry ass to some Third World armpit, where he would live out the rest of his miserable life.

He said he’s been called a monster, and he is a monster. As he earns what appears to be a decent living, he slaps each of us in the face. He has taken advantage of everything this country has to offer, using the very “privileges” he claims to fight against, then decries America. Anybody think he’s willing to go to the Middle East to provide recompense for America’s ills? Or is he just willing to appear self-righteous at the people who formed the greatest country in the world?


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