DNC Leak: How Democrats REALLY Feel About Latinos

As the DNC leak showcases, Democrats are about power.

Democrats will use any group to get that power, as the recent DNC leak proves. Just when I thought only blacks were slaves to the Democrat “massas”, we find that Latinos feel the hot sting of the branding iron as well.

Twitter DNC Latinos

Actual link to the tweet:

As you can see, there is no reference to how to help the Latino population in any way. This email is a discussion on how to get and keep their vote.

The idea that Democrats see people in these “buckets” should appall America. A country built on the idea of the American Spirit has been squandered by the Left.

Personally, I love the “brand” reference. When you brand people, you become their agent. The client is bigger than the agent.

With Liberals, the reverse is true.

This reads more like the Democrats have branded “cattle,” not people. For Democrats, Latinos are slaves, and they must be managed, ergo branded.

I’d love to see the leak on how the Democrats feel about blacks! Here is my take:


The black population has finally reached critical mass. Blacks now vote overwhelmingly Democrat, thanks to years of indoctrination. There is only one way to lose this demographic, so we must remain vigilant.

  1. Blacks are the most brand stupid in the world: Known fact.
  2. Black brand loyalty is generational: Entire families…look at welfare!
  3. The black brand is loyal, as long as they are pandered to: Pander forever!
  4. If you give black brand things, they will always support you, and will make sure every other black does the same, even with violence. Long-term relationship.
  5. Blacks are most responsive to dog whistles, like “slavery”, “civil rights,” #BLM: Continue with age old memes.

The current brand strategy needs to remain consistent, e.g. “cops kill blacks,” “white privilege,” so blacks stay stupid and submissive.


  • Continue to register new blacks 18+ years of age
  • Inspire blacks with support of rap music moguls, BET, TV One, Tom Joiner, and other black sellouts
  • Do anything to get blacks to turnout, even if it means helping them burn down their own neighborhoods on trumped made up nonsense

With this type of information now leaked, it’s not wonder the Democratic Party won’t allow DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to speak at the convention. I’m actually surprised #Crooked Hillary Clinton will speak. Usually it’s best not the put the defendant on the stand.



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