Gov’t Puts Ankle Bracelet on Prosthetic Leg of Criminal?

I speak often about the illusion of safety by the government, then highlight the number of areas where the government fails the public.

Look at the crime rate in major cities, and convince me that the government is competent in protection. Crime has skyrocketed. Government takes your tax dollars to protect you, then do exactly the opposite.

Take for example the story of a man who removed his prosthetic leg that housed his ankle bracelet.

After Quincy Green was arrested on a gun charge in April, he was supposed to be on house arrest while waiting for his trial. But a tech at the company that supplies and fits ankle bracelets on pre-trial detainees in Washington, DC, put the bracelet on over Green’s sock—that’s “absolutely not” protocol, per an exec at the company, who says regulations require the bracelets to be placed directly on skin—and apparently didn’t realize that sock was covering a prosthetic leg.

So, police say, Green simply took off the leg, replaced it with another one he had, and was able to leave his house. That’s how, they allege, he was able to go to an area that Fox 5 DC reports he had specifically been ordered to stay away from and where he allegedly shot and killed Dana Hamilton around 2:40am on May 19.

As Hillary Clinton would say, “What difference does it make!”

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