MUST WATCH: Muslim Teens get their asses kicked!

MUST WATCH: Muslim Teens get their asses kicked!

Let’s just pretend that Muslim men don’t have a “rape culture.” Then you might sympathize as to why these Muslim teens got their butts kicked.

As it goes with “blacks shot by cops,” the Muslims now are all victims; even if they are wrong. Moreover, especially when two Muslim teens got their butts kicked.

So what a couple of teenage Muslim boys decide to harass a beautiful young “provocatively” dressed, non-Sharia compliant woman. She deserved the harassment. Further, if they had raped her, who cares; this is the new America.

According to Mixed Martial Arts, here is how the Muslims explained the butt-kicking they received.

“We had two volunteers, and they saw a suspicious car parked outside of our entrance,” said Bahe to BuzzFeed’s Talal Ansari. “They looked at the car, trying to figure out who’s inside. They saw a woman and they asked if she needed help. Then all of a sudden a guy comes across running from the street and punches him and knocks him down. He was stomping him and kicking him.

Just two innocent strapping young Muslim men, who were curious about the gorgeous girl sitting in the car by herself.

In [insert Third-World goat-humping armpit country here], these two young Muslim men would have dragged the non-Sharia compliant skank out of the car and raped her with immunity.

How DARE she not be in her hijab, reading her Qu’ran?!

Nevertheless, there is as they say, “Another side to the story.”

The article continues,

Vallaro’s lawyer, Sal Strazzullo, and his uncle, John Schiavone, 66, provided an alternate narrative.

Schiavone says the teenagers cornered Vallaro’s fiancée in her car, and made sexual comments about her.

“They were in the window telling her filthy things, he was just protecting her,” said Schiavone. “What he did was 100 percent right.”

Strazzullo said the accused had gone into a nearby home, and the teens “were putting their hands into the car, accosting her sexually.”

Strazzullo says Vallaro came out, he heard his fiancee screaming for help, and reacted.

Thus, the Muslim teens got their butts kicked.

I must interject that stories like this make me one proud martial artist. But, I digress…

The Muslims and Leftists want us to believe the butt-kicking was motivated by religion. Perhaps, when you consider their religion allows the rape of women.

But in this case, the ass-kicking was motivated by a bad ass boyfriend who protected his woman. CASE CLOSED.

“There was no indication of any racism,” says Strazzullo. “He was protecting his girlfriend while she was being accosted by these two individuals. His girlfriend is being accosted by individuals who had no characterization of being Muslims. There was no indication that my client has any ill-will against Muslims.”

Naturally, the MMA fighter had ill-will against the two young men who harassed his woman. My proof? No other people were harmed in the ass-kicking of these two Muslim thugs.

According to the article, the police declined to define the beating as a hate crime.

“This incident did happen in the vicinity of a mosque to two individuals of Muslim faith,” said a New York Police Department’s Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information spokesperson. “This is going to be classified as a non-bias incident.”

Ironically, you can bet if this butt-kicking had happened in front of a church, and involved two testosterone-fueled white kids, you’d hear nothing of this story.

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