Obama Vetoes Bill To Limit Benefits for Presidents

In true communist form, Obama vetoed the bill that would limit benefits for him after he and future presidents leaves the White House.

Despite the fact that he will make millions of dollars race pimping and selling victimization, Obama still wants taxpayers on the hook…just in case. That’s why he refuses to limit benefits for presidents.

Barack Obama is determined to milk every dollar from the America taxpayer that he can. He’s financed failed green energy, as well as the Islamization of America, if not the world, at taxpayer expense.

I’ve quit keeping count, but I’m positive that Obama has taken more vacations than any president, thrown more personal White House parties, and uses the treasury as his personal piggy bank.

So his latest move to keep his money flowing is no surprise.

According to The Blaze,

Obama said he supports the bill’s goal, but he sent the measure back to Congress because it would immediately end salaries and benefits to staffers carrying out the official duties of former presidents. He says the measure doesn’t provide enough time for these employees to be moved to another payroll.

Obama worries about the “little people.” Or does he? Perhaps his real goal hides in his next statement:

Obama says the bill would also interfere with the Secret Service’s ability to protect ex-presidents.


He offered to work with lawmakers and the offices of the former presidents to change the bill in ways that would eventually earn his signature.

The legislation sets an annual allowance of $200,000 a year for travel, staff and office costs that have become a standard part of life after the Oval Office. For former presidents who make money through books, speaking fees and other ventures, the allowance is reduced by $1 for every dollar in outside income above $400,000.

Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, like former presidents before them, have earned millions in speaking fees since leaving office.

The legislation sets presidential pensions at $200,000 a year, nearly the same as the current amount. Each surviving spouse would be allotted a $100,000 annual survivor benefit.


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