Subway Fogle Sues Parents of Victim

In what I deem the prototypical Liberal move, Jared Subway Fogle is suing the parents of one of his victims.

That’s right. When you’ve victimized somebody, Liberals then file lawsuits to make restitution. Because that’s how Liberals apologize.

According to Fox 2 News,

The victim, referred to as “Jane Doe,” sued Fogle and Russell Taylor in March. She is seeking $150,000 for personal injuries, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, negligent supervision, and negligence. Fogle’s motion attempts to make the girl’s parents the defendants.

Documents say sometime between March 2011 and January 2015, Taylor installed multiple hidden cameras in his home concealed in clock radios to secretly film various minors, including Jane Doe, changing clothes, showering, bathing, and engaging in other personal and private activities. Court documents also say Taylor distributed these sexually explicit images and videos to Fogle.

Fogle’s filing targets the victim’s parents. He says they fought around the girl and abused alcohol in front of her. When they got divorced, Fogle says Jane Doe had to constantly rotate her living arrangements, causing unnecessary stress, anxiety and trauma.

As a result, Fogle says the girl suffered major depression and engaged in “destructive behaviors,” including abuse of drugs and alcohol, self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts.

The lawsuit says the parents’ failure to properly supervise the girl resulted in the harmful behaviors. He is seeking to add them as defendants in the lawsuit filed against him by the victim.

Just so we’re clear, Fogle and Taylor (his accomplice) videotaped this young girl without her knowledge. In these voyeur tapes the pair of scoundrels witnessed the family dynamics of their victim.

Now, Fogle wants America to believe that it was the parents’ fault for making him a voyeur? I get it.

For those wondering, yes Fogle is a Liberal. Liberals condone pedophilia.

Next, Liberals help by punishing further. Fogle suing the parents of his victim displays the perfect Liberal “help” scenario. Of course he sues in order to prevent the parents from behaving as they did. Their behavior caused Fogle’s problems. In fact, without the child’s parents, Fogel may still represent Subway. How’s that potential for the $5 footlong?


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