Al Gore: Hillary Campaigns with Another Sexual Predator

I’m not sure what Hillary Clinton sees in sexual predators, but she loves being married to them and campaigning with them.

I can only imagine what the Leftist media would say, if Trump rolled out not one sexual predator to help him do his bidding, but TWO!

People may have forgotten, but Al “Hot Air” Gore was known around the massage parlors for his penchant for “happy endings.”

Business Insider had this to say about Gore:

President Al Gore has been hit by new allegations of sexual assault. This time, it’s two more massage therapistsbringing the charges.

The former VP is already in hot water, fighting abuse claims in Portland, where another masseuse said Gore groped her in ’06 and asked her to perform a “chakra release” (massage-speak for “hand job”.) He denies everything.

The new allegations are said to have taken place at two hotels – one in Beverly Hills in 2007, when Gore was in Hollywood for the Oscars, the other in Tokyo in 2008.

A source from the luxury hotel in Beverly Hills told The Enquirer: “The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.” He then propositioned her for a sexual act, according to The Enquirer.

Molly Hagerty, the Portland victim, has also recently piped up with some new evidence: a pair of stained black pants and the remains of some candy supposedly gobbled by Gore.

Blue dress, black pants…Al Gore follows in the steps of brother Billy Clin-TAN!”

Sounds like a ZZ Top song!

“Everybody’s crazy ’bout them sexual deviants”

Don’t worry about this old, new revelation bothering those who want to see crooked Hillary Clinton elected. Nothing phases these morons, unless it happens to a Republican. Then they get sanctimonious.

The Left would make mince meat out of any GOP candidate for flaunting these sexual deviants in public. It’s enough that she lives with one, but now dusting off Al Gore?

Tipper Gore had the good sense to leave the man, and here’s Hillary Clinton doing a “Sexual Deviants Revival.”

Hillary Clinton and the so-called women’s movement should be ashamed of themselves. But then again; they have no shame.



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