Black Vote: Heard of The Hood for Trump?

The media industrial complex wants you to believe that black people remain stupid enough to support the Democrats.

Sure there are many blacks who have been trained to vote for the Party of Lynching. However there are many blacks who have awakened to the game of the Left. Before you discount this, ask yourself how many black rappers and other black professed Democrats made videos about supporting Romney?

The reason for the defection is Democrats have decimated the black community. Put another way, Democrats have created almost every problem in the black community. Then their politicians come in every few years to compound the problems. They pretend to be Superman coming to save people from the very problems the politicians themselves have created.

Thanks to Barack Obama, many blacks figured out that it doesn’t matter what the color or gender is of a politician. If the politician is a Democrat, only devastation and destruction will occur.

For example, Democrats talk a lot about education. The illiteracy rate in the United States in 1890 was 13.3 percent. By 1979 the illiteracy rate was reduced to under 1 percent. Then in 1979 the government got involve, as Jimmy Carter engendered the Education Department in Oct of 1979.

The outcome? In 2003, the illiteracy rate was at 14 percent, and it remains unchanged.

The people most affected by this are blacks. Blacks have the worse schools. Why are there a black schools? Because there are black neighborhoods. Why are there black neighborhoods? Because Democrats have orchestrated this, blacks self-segregating.

Then, in a world where blacks ancestors fought to be part of America, blacks proudly declare themselves African-Americans. I’m actually shocked that these so-called African-Americans even keep the “American” part.

As more and more blacks continue to awaken to the game of Leftism, the end to the Democrats’ reign of terror approaches. This is why the election of 2016 is so vital. For the first time in quite some time, America has hit a crossroad.

Liberals in all its evil forms wars with Conservatism. America is witnessing the most crooked attempt to marginalize the entire country. Former black Democrats now see what we have been trying to get them to see. This election is not about race, sex or religion. This fight is for freedom.

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