Did Obama Turn the FBI on Hillary Clinton

A new set of emails surfaced, prompting the FBI to reopen the Hillary Clinton case. But is this really what prompted the reopening of the case?

These emails supposedly came from an investigation into the shenanigans of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin. But haven’t these emails been available for quite some time anyway? Why have the emails surfaced just now?

I believe the recent FBI investigation has much further ramifications that people may believe. The FBI had plenty of information for an indictment against Hillary Clinton, yet they did nothing. The media was complicit, and the American public wanted blood. Either laws apply to everybody or to nobody. The FBI realized this, and at some level so does Obama.

The Democrats covered up Benghazi, where four people were needlessly killed due the negligence of Hillary Clinton and her State Department. Because of Liberal spin, Clinton came out heroic for withstanding the testimony of Congress.

Hillary Clinton publicly informed the world about our nuclear launch procedure, yet claims to have been a bastion of protection of national security information in her emails?

Next was the scandal of the DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign against all other Democrat opponents, specifically Bernie Sanders. In those WikiLeaks, we learned of Clinton campaign and Democrat malfeasance in a multitude of “boxes.” They targeted blacks, Latinos, women, gays, all for the purpose of getting votes.

Then WikiLeaks dropped bombshells on The Clinton Foundation. We learned of just how corrupt this organization operates, with multi-national schemes involving the world’s largest companies, and contracts with countries. Only somebody at the level of Secretary of State could orchestrate such larceny on this scale. The Clinton Foundation, ergo the Clintons spun their efforts as altruism in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Then came the speeches to Goldman-Sachs and other pay-to-play participants.

We learned in those emails of the duplicitous nature of Hillary Clinton: the public Clinton differs from the private Clinton. One simply had to follow the money to see what was in it for everybody who ponied up the funds to hear either of the Clintons drone. For all intents, the Clintons could have dispensed with foreplay, and just headed straight to the sex.

Next we learned of what became known as “Bill Clinton, Inc,” again a scandal tied to the Clinton Foundation. When it came to earning many millions of dollars for Bill Clinton, there was no point of demarcation between him, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and the State Department. They operated as one cohesive hydra.

Who knows what’s next, as the FBI relaunches its investigation. And that’s why the Democrats are in triage. They pretend to want all information for the public. If that were the case, why did they delete emails initially, and why are so many people taking the 5th?

The Democrats are rightly concerned.

In this scene from Master and Commander, a young sailor was sent to trim the sails in a massive storm; to save the ship. As the young sailors attempts to save the struggling vessel, the mast breaks falling into the boiling ocean. Tethered to huge ropes, the mast, acting now as an anchor threatens to drag down the whole ship.

The captain, played by Russell Crowe, makes the decision that to save the ship, he must cut the young sailor loose.

Further, it became painfully obvious to Democrats that they must cut the ropes from Hillary Clinton. They’ve done all they can to save her; but there came a time when there was simply too much to be done.

Why else would the FBI reopen an investigation that had already convicted her, however they managed to “spin” back in control?
Hillary Clinton has hit the end of the road. Obama was told by the power brokers that it was time to cut the rope or risk sinking the ship. Now Hillary Clinton tosses about at sea in a raging storm of the Democrats’ creation. She will get no life line this time.
This will be twice that Hillary Clinton wanted to be president, and twice she will have failed.
I wrote a while back that the Clinton are the criminals who wanted that last big pay day, and that’s the one who landed them in prison.
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