Atlanta Man Killed: Joked About Voting for Trump

Leftist are the most dangerous people in America. If it weren’t for ISIS, you could say Leftists are the most dangerous people in the world.

Trump supporters are being targeted, yet the Left claim they fear us.

We learned from WikiLeaks that Democrats send their goons to Trump rallies. Furthermore,few people believe the current agitators protesting Trump aren’t paid Democrat shills.

Recently there was a video of a man beaten after a traffic incident, because he voted for Trump. I know personally of a young man beaten by five black thugs, because he wore a Trump hat. That young man lies in the hospital tonight, as his story hasn’t even been reported by the media.

Finally we get a death by Democrat voter. According to Breaking 911,

Mitchell Mormon Jr, aged 32, was gunned down outside of Church bar on Edgewood Avenue around 3am on Saturday.

At the time, he was on a date with Shaunita Walker, aged 25, who was also shot and suffered injuries to her arm.

Walker said Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for Trump.

The argument continued and the alleged shooter, identified by Walker as a Hispanic man, went around a corner, came back with a gun and began shooting.

‘When I heard the first shot and it went into my arm, I just grabbed my arm and began to scream,’ Walker said.

‘And then I heard two more shots and I saw Mitchell on the ground.’

The sad part of this story is the man didn’t even vote for Trump. He was only joking about having voted for Trump.

That’s right. With Liberals even joking about things can get you killed.

Don’t worry about Black Lives Matter picketing or demand justice. And if you’re waiting on Obama or Hillary Clinton to call off the dogs, then you don’t know who let the dogs out.

Conservatives who actually voted for Trump should take note. To publicly proclaim your support for Trump comes with risks. But soon it won’t.

As more people stand tall, and face off with these goons, they will eventually back down. As for Mormon’s shooter, like most Liberals, he’s a coward. Without his gun, he’s a pansy-ass.


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