Hillary Clinton: Electoral College Surprises and Not in a Good Way

The Left have tried everything to overturn the will of the American voter. And it failed with all the drama of a Hillary Clinton-voting metrosexual eunuch.

While Leftists initially blamed “stupid white voters” who would dare support Trump, they quickly shifted to a host of other factors that they claim influence the outcome of the election.

From global climate change to radiation burst from the sun, Leftists looked for answesr. They finally found answers in the same tired ideas they had from the campaign: the Russians did it.

Apparently the Russians forgot to hack the “popular vote,” which Clinton and her minions constantly remind us is 3 million plus (and yes, still counting) greater than Trump’s.

And then comes the bad news. As the Olympian reports, things are not going so well for Clinton in the Electoral College:

For the first time in four decades, members of the Electoral College in Washington state have broken from the state’s popular vote for president, with four electors casting their votes for candidates other than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Clinton got eight votes, while former Secretary of State Colin Powell got three and Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle got one vote.

Elector Bret Chiafalo, who earlier in the day said he planned to vote for Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich, said he ultimately changed his vote to Powell after conversations with other Washington electors.

The last time an elector broke from the popular vote in the state was in 1976, when Mike Padden of Spokane Valley, who is currently a Republican state senator, voted for Ronald Reagan in 1976 instead of Gerald Ford, who had won the state. In last month’s election, Republican Trump won 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232, though Clinton’s tally will now be lower.

That’s right, it’s Clinton, not Trump whose going backwards.

As if Trump’s electoral victory, correction beatdown of Clinton wasn’t embarrassing enough, now the gap widens.

I see your popular vote Russian hack, and raise you one Electoral College shellacking!” Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in Poke Her (Poker) After Dark

How bad is it, when you say that to contest the election is a travesty, and an affront to the democratic republic, then you contest the election. Moreover, you get beaten worse!

The article continues,

A group called the Hamilton Electors, co-founded by Chiafalo, had sought to block Trump by encouraging both Democratic and Republican electors in every state to unite behind an alternate Republican candidate.

Talk about backfiring. At this point, electors likely had seen enough. Carrier, SoftBank, US Steel, IBM, and the job-creating hits just keep on coming.

Further insult to Clinton comes with the news of the fee.

The penalty in Washington state for so-called “faithless electors” is a $1,000 fine. Efforts by two Democratic electors from Washington state to avoid being fined if they ignore the results of the state’s popular vote were rejected by federal courts last week.

So people were willing to pay $1,000 just to stick it to Hillary Clinton, and not in that Webb Hubbell carnal knowledge way. A grand is not exactly “walking around” money for most Americans. So to make a $1K protest is significant, at least it is to me.

Donald Trump is our new president, and something tells me that 45 is the magic number. We certainly know that 44 isn’t.


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