Homeless Trump Tower Squatter Speaks Out (video)

This is a must see video, as it tells you all about Donald Trump’s racism.

This homeless woman was discovered living illegally in Trump tower. She tells her story of living there for over 8 years.

One would think that the media knew of this story of a black homeless woman’s encounter with Donald Trump.

The fateful day occurred when a maid found the woman living in one of the unoccupied residences. The police were called, and ultimately Donald Trump.

After her meeting with Trump, her life would change forever.

The people who tell you that Donald Trump is a racist and a misogynist don’t want you to know about this woman. Donald Trump did what he has done many times, as he show his humanity.

Trump allowed this woman to stay at Trump Tower. Moreover, he provides three meals a day to her, and flowers are sent to her residence once a week.

Knowing that Trump did this long before he wanted to become president. Further, with all the heat that Donald Trump took during the campaign, as charges of racism were thrown like Molotov cocktails, Trump never mentioned this woman.

He didn’t play the “I have a black friend card.”

Trump had every right to throw this woman in their racist Leftist faces. The press knew about Trump’s black girlfriend, a woman he dated after his divorce from Ivana. But the calls of racist persisted.

The story of this homeless black squatter would have been more power, more impactful, but Trump remained silent.

The Left says that Trump has little tact. Some call him a loose cannon.

Brash he may be, but Trump is no loose cannon. He has tact, and he showed it.

The fact that he chose not to put this woman under the spotlight to serve his own purposes, tells you a lot about the man.

So now the real question. Why didn’t the press find this woman? Anybody think she was difficult to find? This video has been around since July of 2016.

She said, “Donald Trump is not a bad guy at all.   If it wasn’t for him, I’d be dead or in the street.”

“I asked him how am I going to pay him back for all this, and he told me I can pay him back when I get it… which is never.”

“Donald Trump is a wonderful, wonderful man,” the woman said.

You know the media did nothing to find her. The narrative was set by the media that Trump is a racist. You can bet that even after discovery of this woman helped Trump, there will be no apologies from the Left.

To get the word out about Trump’s help of this woman, it will be up to us.


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