Media Hack Julia Ioffe Implies Trump Having Sex With Ivanka

Can you imagine in your wildest dreams a “journalist” implying that Barack Obama was having sex with one of his daughters?

Talk about a CLM: career limiting move. That writer would be ostracized, and never work again in mainstream Leftist media.

Regardless, such a hit piece was done on President-elect Donald Trump. Now former Politico Magazine contributing writer Julia Ioffe tweeted this about Trump and his daughter Ivanka.


Since Ioffe removed the tweet, we can only provide a screenshot.

Prior to the infamous tweet, Ioffe regularly reported on Donald Trump-related news on the Politico’s website.

In the crass tweet, Ioffe references an article from The Hill that claim Ivanka Trump, his older daughter is getting a White House office space traditionally reserved for the First Lady.

The report was dismissed, and fit the “fake news” the lamestream media has become known form.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks dismissed the rumors, telling Business Insider,

“This is false. No decisions regarding Ivanka’s involvement have been made.”

I mentioned earlier that many times these types of snafus can be a career booster for Leftist. Ioffe didn’t get promoted, however.

The respected political journalist Julia Ioffe’s tenure at Politico has come to an end after she posted an unfortunate — and straight-up vulgar — tweet about Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. Ioffe was already wrapping up her time as a contributor to Politico and moving to a new job at The Atlantic when she posted the ill-advised tweet, but now Politico is accelerating the process, bringing her contract to a premature close.

You have to love how they refer to her as a “respected journalist.” Is that how they define what she did?

According to sources, Ioffe was on the way out at Politico, so her firing was no real punishment.

She gave her tepid apology, but who cares. Essentially, Ioffe exposed the real underbelly of Leftism. Further, she proves that Liberals believe the rules of decorum only apply to them.

Now Ioffe writes at The Atlantic. Let’s see how she handles things going forward. I suspect nothing will change.



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