President-Elect Trump Getting Advice from Obama?

Trump can’t possibly trust Obama for anything more than asking him how long he thinks it will take to get the stench out of the White House?

This is why President-elect Donald Trump presents more of an enigma than billionaire candidate Trump.

While on the campaign trail, candidate Trump rightfully blasted Barack Obama for his insane policies. Furthermore, Trump indirectly blasted Obama’s surrogates, who were equally as incompetent as their feckless leader.

Trump said of Obama during the campaign,

“He has done such a lousy job as president,” Trump bellowed during a speech in South Carolina in February.
“You look at our budgets, you look at our spending, we can’t beat ISIS, Obamacare is terrible. And you look at everything, our borders are like Swiss cheese, this man has done such a bad job, he has set us back so far.”

And the abject ignorance of Obama’s staff was far worse. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jeh Johnson, Eric Holder, do I really need to go on?

The list of useless idiots in the Obama administration is essentially the Obama administration. So why would President-elect Trump take advice from a moron such as Obama?

As the New York Post reports, Trump may be doing exactly that.

“Donald Trump’s budding bromance with President Obama flowered anew on Wednesday when the president-elect gushed about his once bitter rival on national TV — and said he’s soliciting his advice about potential appointments.

“We have a really good chemistry together. I really like him as a person,” Trump said on NBC’s “Today” show. “I love getting his ideas.”
I read that, and admittedly was initially shocked for all the reasons I stated earlier. Then Trump added “chemistry” to the equation. Ewww. Are these two spooning, now?

The article continues to entertain this ludicrous notion,

The billionaire businessman — who lambasted Obama as “a loser” and worse on the campaign trail — said they even talked about possible appointments to Team Trump.
“I take his recommendations very seriously. There are some people I will be appointing and I have appointed that he thought very highly of,” Trump said, without revealing which jobs were involved.
“I have asked him what he would think of this one and that one. We have a very good dialogue.”
Again, I’m scratching my bleeding scalp, but then it hit me. Trump uses Obama so he knows what NOT to do!
We all know somebody like this. They are so bad at things, that you just go opposite; like a bad gambler. You just go against his picks.
Hey Bobby, who do you like between the Steelers and Cowboys? The Steelers. So you take the Cowboys, big, and pay off the vette.

As it turns out, Trump needs this schlep. Because when Trump asks Obama his thoughts, Trump then know what NOT to do.

At least now you know why Trump is meeting with Obama. Remember I told you that Trump has to meet with a certain number of fruitcakes. He’s now way above quota.


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