You’d Think Trump Grabbed Her by the Naughty Bits

Liberals wait like sprinters in starting blocks to jump on President-elect Trump for any reason.

Unfortunately for the media, we all now know the game, so game on when it comes to  the “Trump Taiwan Policy.”

In recent commentary, Andrea Mitchell decided that America should continue with “politics as usual,” when it comes to diplomacy. After all, she’s witnessed diplomacy for her 130+ years on the planet, so she knows what works?

Politicos have their g-strings in knots over President-elect accepting a congratulatory phone call from the first woman President of Taiwan. Let’s look at the possible Liberal outrage reasons:

  • The horror of misogynist Trump actually taking the call?
  • Trump missed an opportunity to meet her in person and grab her by the pussy?

The Left speculated on what China would say. This speculation was joined with reports that China was mad at Trump, thus there would be repercussions.

Like China might cyber attack us? Uh…too late.

Like China might have one-sided trade deals with us? Uh…too late.

Perhaps China might attempt to devalue our currency, while propping up their own? Again, too late.

Our dealings with China under Obama have been horrendous to say the least. So the idea that we should continue with “business as usual” is, like all things Obama, laughable.

President-elect Trump was correct to accept a phone call from a head of state, despite China’s claim to own Taiwan. According to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, accepting the phone call was a courtesy, not a policy shift. If China misunderstand this, it’s not Trump’s problem, it’s China’s. Perhaps the new Trump Taiwan policy has stirred the nest.

Had Trump not accepted the call, you can be the media would have reported: President-Elect Trump Snubs Woman President of Taiwan.

The media has an expectation of how things should work. This type of thinking is what destroys companies, as failing companies have a culture of “That’s the way we’ve always done it.”

That’s the problem with politics in America. Our government is an antiquated company, used to doing things the same way. Because Barack Obama was clueless, he was quick to follow protocol of the failures before him. However Obama did one better by surrounding himself with complete incompetents, and we are where we are.

Trump taking the phone calls was symbolic to the Chinese and the political establishment. Screw your convention. Trump will do things his way, ergo the right way! Stay tuned for a new Trump Taiwan policy.

So Andrea Mitchell, et al. have been put on notice that politics as usual is over. They can’t phone in their reporting, setting bogus narratives and doing no real research.

These fake journalist now have to return to reporting the news, and not establishing the news. What Trump has established is he’s not playing checkers; he’s playing chess.

Further Trump plays the media like Bobby Fischer. The media is outmatched, and America is better for it.

Consider the Boeing deal, and Trump’s recent battle with the union boss on the Carrier deal? Both stories represent “Trump created news.”

I’ve learned that news differs little from manufacturing. They need stories, and Trump gives them stories. He manufactures news with his presence. They will soon beg for his presence, and currently rely on “Off Broadway” news like Trump’s tweets to get their news.

That’s a major development in journalism, when you think of it.

So the press needs Trump, and they need his improvisation. In the end they will learn to deal with it, and a few (smart outlets) will learn to love it.


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