The Anti-Trump Fake News Hollywood Humanitarians Speak Out

Talk about crappy timing. A group of Hollyweirdos got together to further the fake news narrative about Donald Trump.

Little did they know that a group of black thugs would kidnap a mentally-challenged white kid and torture him on Facebook Live.

The video below is what they created.

As Fox News reported,

A group of Hollywood liberals are now coming together to call on Congress to “obstruct” the Republican-led Congress and the incoming Trump administration.

In a video featuring actors and actresses like Sally Field, Rosie Perez, Steve Buscemi and “Westworld’s” Jeffrey Wright, the group Humanity for Progress argues that the President-elect stands for “xenophobia, racism, and misogyny.”

The group was formerly called Humanity for Hillary during the presidential campaign.

They asked supporters to tweet or email the video to their Congressional representatives.

“We demand that you block nominees who threaten the rights of women, the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants and the poor,” the celebs declared.

I wonder when we will see the video of these Hollyweirdo hypocrites asking for Congress to STOP BLACK THUGGERY?

No demands for Congress to investigate the massive amount of crime against humanity committed by black thugs daily, as demonstrated on Facebook LIVE!

These bigots seem to have left out the mentally ill in their protection. Further, I believe another group is noticeably absent. Who are they…oh yes, WHITE PEOPLE!

In case Hollyweird and other Leftists haven’t noticed, white people are people too. Ironically, white people have a tendency to be civilized. How do I know? I base it on the crime rate where they live, and the fact that white people rarely move to black neighborhoods.

The Hollyweirdo propaganda video goes on to demand that Congress “obstruct and defeat” any legislation that “violates our core values as diverse Americans.”

Hollywood Humanity: exactly what defines our core values?

If I understand these Leftists correctly, beating the crap out of an autistic white kid, while hurling anti-Trump remarks meets the criteria.

God-forbid a CIA interrogator waterboard a jihadi who knows where a dirty nuke might detonate in an American city, as these snowflakes would lose it.

Worse yet if Trump actually builds that wall, and prevents that Mexican midget from entering America illegally to join the circus (of Leftists). There will be hell to pay!

But torture a white kid with autism?

“Hey, that kid should know he can’t say ‘nigga’, just because he’s hanging with black folks who say it!”

The video concludes by with the message “signed” by the majority of the American people. This supposedly references Donald Trump’s loss in the popular vote.

Well too bad for crooked Hillary Clinton, as the popular vote doesn’t the presidency. Notwithstanding, take away California, and Leftists never win a national election.

I will rejoice as President Trump continues to dazzle, exposing these frauds and shakedown artists for what they are. 

As women become more empowered over Trump, the dam will crack. Next, when blacks no longer claim victimhood, the dam will break. Then, the Hollyweird dominoes will fall one by one.

I repeat my prediction that in two years you will be hard-pressed to find anybody who admits to supporting Hillary Clinton. Even more will abandon Barack Obama, as his layers are exposed.

Our time has come.



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