A Look Back: 2016 Memorialized

“And That’s The Way It Was…”—Walter Cronkite

trump-new-years2016 was a divisive year. It either made you laugh or made you cry, and even those emotions depended on a lot of factors. Certainly at the end, Leftists who likely smiled earlier were left in puddles of their own tears.

2016 signaled change, though many ignored the warning.

Brexit in the UK portended what was to come in the United States. Further harbingers appeared, as South Korea and Brazil impeached their presidents.

The world got more Islamic terror attacks, as nowhere was safe. As we segued into 2017, Muslims continued to attack, the most recent in Istanbul, where 39 people were killed. Ironically, the Muslim terrorist was dressed as Santa Claus.

Could 2016 be considered The Year of the Rogue Nations?

President Obama channeled President Nixon and normalized relations with Cuba. Then, in the spirit peace, North Korea tested its nukes while John Kerry made a deal with Iran to give them nuclear capability.

“Death to the infidels!”

Israel watched from under the bus.

And then there was the Election of 2016

hillary-clinton-watch-party-9-kaineWikileaks played political spoiler, exposing the crooked underbelly of politics. The DNC and the media felt the brunt of Julian Assange’s assault on the establishment.

In 2016 Obama stopped “blaming Bush” and started blaming “Russia.” The fallout?

In the spirit of transparency, Obama expelled 35 Russians, closed 2 compounds, and gave a report “we can believe in”…period.

While millions in America “Felt the Bern,” Bernie eventually sold out to the establishment, in hopes of propelling Hillary Clinton over the finish line. Clinton indeed hit the “finished line,” as she got “Trumped.”

The entire Leftist establishment went into full “nukeler” meltdown, as snowflakes all across America sobbed openly late November 8, then well past their bedtimes into November 9. Reality set in that Donald Trump had done the impossible, and beaten crooked Hillary.

You could call the election of 2016, the death of Liberalism. The Obamas are out, and the Clintons can now be bought at a fraction of the price.

Along with Liberalism, we lost many celebrities. 2016 may be the most notable group in quite some time. Below we categorize those losses.

From TVs and Movies

carrie-fisherMother Mary Angelica—Created EWTN-TV From A Garage.  God Was With Her.

Kenny Baker—R2D2

Erik Bauersfeld—Voice Actor.  “IT’S A TRAP!!!”—From Return Of The Jedi

Tony Burton—The Other ‘Duke’

William Christopher—Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H

Miss Cleo—TV Psychic

Larry Drake—Laid Down the ‘LA Law’

Patti Duke—The Original ‘Teen Queen’

Fyvush Finkel—His Life Was NOT As Shaky As…’The Fiddler On The Roof’

Carrie Fisher—Royalty, In a galaxy far-far away

Zsa Zsa Gabor—‘Darling’

George Gaynes—Police Academy / Punky Brewster

Ron Glass—From The ’12th Precinct’ He Went On And Found ‘Serenity’

Christina Grimme—‘The Voice’ Winner, Murdered At Her Florida Concert

Dan Haggerty—A Likeable ‘Grizzly’

Pat Harrington Jr.—Took Life ‘One Day At A Time’

Florence Henderson—A ‘Lovely’ Lady

Steven Hill—Maintained ‘Law & Order’

Ken Howard—His ‘White Shadow’ Stood Over Everyone

George Kennedy—Never Had A ‘Failure To Communicate’

Ron Lester—‘Billy Bob’ from ‘Varsity Blues’

Garry Marshall—Gave Us ‘Those Happy Days’

Noel Neill—The Original Lois Lane

Bill Nunn—Radio Raheem in ‘Do The Right Thing’

Hugh O’Brian—Original ‘Wyatt Earp’

Joe Polito—He Was ‘Oh That Guy’ In TVs and Movies

Debbie Reynolds—Golden Age Hollywood Royalty

Alan Rickman—No One Played ‘Bad’ So Good.

Doris Roberts—Everyone ‘Loved’ Her Too

Theresa Saldana—‘Raging Bull’ And Hollywood Republican

Gary Shandling—It Was ‘HIS Show’ (And We Watched)

Alan Thicke—Best TV Dad

Robert Vaughn—Our U.N.C.L.E.

Abe Vigoda—Wasn’t ‘Just Business’, We Loved You ‘Fish’

Gene Wilder—Thank You For The Laughs

Anton Yelchin—‘Boldly Going’ Way Too Soon

Alan Young—Wilbur from ‘Mister Ed’


george-michaelRene Angelil—Celine Dion’s Husband/Manager

David Bowie—The Music ‘Icon’

Leonard Cohen—Hallelujah

Natalie Cole—‘Unforgettable’

Glenn Frey—Fly Like An ‘Eagle’

Juan Gabriel—Legendary Mexican Singer

Merle Haggard—Lifelong Outlaw, But ‘Momma Tried’

Jerry Heller—Took West Coast Rap Mainstream (Watch ‘Straight Outta Compton’)

Paul Kantner—Flew The ‘Jefferson Airplane’

Lemmy ‘Von Motorhead’ Kilmister—We Knew Trick Question:  ‘Lemmy Was God’

George Martin—Music Producer.  Brought The Beatles To America (Nuff Said)

George Michael—Was Never a ‘Careless Whisper’

Emilio Navaira—The ‘Tejano King’

Billy Paul—He and ‘Mrs Jones’

Prince—We’ll Always Party Like Its ‘1999’

Frank Sinatra Jr.—He Also Did It ‘His Way’

Craig Strickland—Rising Country Music Singer On A Hunting Trip

Vanity—Singer and 80s Heartthrob

Bobby Vee—50s Singer

Maurice White—Earth, Wind, and Fire (Nuff Said)


Romney Nancy Reagan 2016 memorialBob Bennett—Former US Senator

Fidel Castro—Smoking Those Cigars in Hell

Joe Medicine Crow—Made Sure We Never Forgot

Jerry Doyle—Pilot, Stockbroker, Actor, Politician, Commentator.  Friend.

Rob Ford—Toronto Mayor, Made Canadian Politics Look…’American’

Boutros Boutros Ghali—Ran the UN In The 90s, And The World Fell Apart

John Glenn—God Speed

Tom Hayden—Took The Counterculture Mainstream

Gwen Ifill—PBS Host.  VP Moderator

Melvin Laird—Wisconsin Congressman/Secretary of Defense

John McLaughlin—From Priest, To Nixon Aide, To TV-Punditry

Shimon Peres—‘Shalom’

Rama IX—King of Thailand

Nancy Reagan—A true ‘first lady’

Janet Reno—Attorney General.  At Least She Investigated ‘Her’ President

Morley Safer—Always Gave Us ‘60 Minutes’

Antonin Scalia—‘The Judge’

Phyllis Schlafly—One Woman Conservative Crusader

Mark Takai—Incumbent Hawaii Congressman

Elie Wiesel—True Courage

George Voinovich—Former Ohio Governor/US Senator

Cliff Young—Nevada Congressman


muhammad-ali 2016 memorialMuhammed Ali—‘The Greatest’

Bobby Chacon—Still A ‘Champ’

Jose Fernandez—Cuban Refugee, Marlins Pitcher

Harry Fujiwara—WWE Mr Fuji

Joe Garagiola—The Voice Of Baseball

Gordie Howe—‘Mr. Hockey’

Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer—Fought It Out With The WWE‘BIG Boys’

Meadowlark Lemon—‘THE’ Globetrotter

Arnold Palmer—A True ‘Master’

Lee Reherman—American Gladiator ‘Hawk’

Buddy Ryan—‘Coach’

Craig Sager—Made Plaid ‘Cool’ Again

John Saunders—ESPN Broadcaster

Kimbo Slice—MMA Fighter

Ed Snider—The Top ‘Flyer’

Pat Summitt—She ‘Owned’ Basketball


Dr. Joy Brown—TV Doc

Bob Ebeling—Rocket Booster Engineer, Space Shuttle

Dr. Henry Heimlich—Invented The Maneuver

Marvin Minsky—AI Pioneer

Edgar Mitchell—Sixth Man To Walk On The Moon

Raymond Tomlinson—“You’ve Got Email”.  He Invented It (Sorry Al Gore)


Richard Adams—‘Watership Down’

Edward Albee—From ‘Virginia Woolf’ to ‘The Sandbox’

Lady Chablis—‘Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil’

Pat Conroy—‘Great Santini’ / ‘Prince Of Tides’

Bill Cunningham—The ‘Lens’ Of The NY Times

Umberto Eco—‘The Name Of The Rose’

Curtis Hanson—‘LA Confidential’, ‘The Hand The Rocks The Cradle’, ‘8-Mile’

Jim Harrison—‘Legend Of The Fall’

Michael Herr—‘Dispatches’

WP Kinsella—‘Field Of Dream’.  He Built It/They Came

Tim LaHaye—Never ‘Left Behind’

Harper Lee—Required Reading

Michelle McNamara—Crime Writer

Robert Stigwood—‘Grease’ Was The Word

Alvin Toffler—‘Future Shock’

Greta Zimmer Friedman—The Woman In The ‘Times Square Kiss’ On VE-Day 1945


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