Real Housewives Meets Islam and It’s Hysterical

In what may be one of the most clever spoof videos I’ve seen this year comes The Real Housewives of ISIS.

Kudos to the group who decided to poke some fun at the religion of peace.

The use of The Real Housewives motif was deliciously dexterous, as it pits American pop culture smack dab in the middle of the patriarchal culture of Islam.

The Real Housewives of Anywhere are bitches. The Muslim women are no exception.

The Sun reports that in one scene from the show a woman tries on a suicide vest as if it is a new dress and asks a friend:

‘What do you think? Ahmed surprised me with it yesterday.’

But another jihadi bride walks into the room, wearing the same vest and says:

‘What a complete b****. She knew I had that jacket.’

The fact that the other women “ooh and ahh” over the vest is reminiscent of Real Housewives. When the second woman walks in howeve, the other women go into full “real housewives” mode.

In a separate interview, a woman says she’s been married widowed 5 times. When a bomb goes off at what appears to be her home, she sheepishly says, “Six times.”

Personally I love the affront to Islam. Christianity is often used in sketch comedies like this, so Islam should be no exception.

Heydon Prowse, one of the writers of the show obviously feels the same, as he commented:

‘It’s important not to pull your punches in satire. You have to be fearless or it undermines your credibility. You can’t go after David Cameron for five years like we did and not go after Islamic State.’

I’m proud the bloke had the jollies to ridicule Islam, and not go all Salman Rushdie. Recall that Rushdie wrote the Satanic Verses and a fatwa was issued for him by Ayatolla Khomeini.

For real pictures of the Real Housewives of ISIS, go here. These are real and shocking


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