Secret Service Opens Investigation on Madonna’s Threat to Blow Up White House

The pop culture relic known as Madonna is back in the news. Her career as far gone as her virginity, the Leftist skank now has become purely political.

America hasn’t done enough for the mannish skank, aka the hairy armpit, rank body odor crowd.

Despite being a success story for women by most people’s standards, Madonna feels slighted. The fame hasn’t lasted long enough?

Looks fade, and they have with Madonna. When that happened for Madonna, she was left with nothing, repeat nothing to fall back on, except their misspent youths and high school year books.

Madonna attended the [White] Women’s March on Washington DC, because every parade needs a dinosaur. She was her usual self, as she proclaimed there is a war on women. Was Bill Clinton the big offender? No, it was Donald Trump.

Trump is all about Sharia Law and honor killings. And although Trump just grabs women by the p*ssy, he can count on the Muslim men he brings in to raise the rape of infidel women exponentially.

Down with Trump! If only he would stop supporting those women-hating, anti-LGBT MUSLIMS!

Apparently Madonna took things just a bit too far, that will get her an investigation by the Secret Service. It seems that Madonna may be losing it, so much so she actually commented that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”


You can bet Madonna will get canonized in the Leftist Hall of Fame for wanting blow up the White House. But the statement could also land her in a lot of trouble.

Many Americans weren’t happy with Madonna’s comment.

Go ahead and play the thought experiment of Madonna threatening to blow up Obama’s White House. What did you come up with?

These Leftists of all ilks are about to get a rude awakening, when the tide changes, and they fear talking openly about such things. Our day comes, and it will come with a vengeance.



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