Trump Supporters Help Muslim Owner Replace Destroyed Limo

Remember the limo that drove Larry King around in DC during the inauguration?

limo destroyedThe vehicle was attacked and ultimately destroyed by Leftists! To make sure the vehicle would not be recoverable, these anarchists actually burned the vehicle during the inauguration riots.

The DC police has no way of finding the culprits, as the only description given was, “The were NOT Trump supporters.”

Nevertheless, Trump supporters did what the brain-dead moronic anarchist on the Left did not. Trump supporters helped raise nearly $24,000 for the car’s owner, a Muslim immigrant by the name of Muhammad Ashraf.

Ashraf himself was injured when his vehicle was attacked with bricks and rocks after dropping off a customer, said to be Larry King. As I mentioned earlier, the car was eventually engulfed in flames, and completely totalled.

The GoFundMe page for Nationwide Chauffeured Limo Service recently reached just under $24,000 in donations, most of which have come from conservatives and other limo service workers.

“Protesters don’t understand that they are putting innocent people out of business with their actions. I hope you get enough here to replace your limo so that you can continue your small business,” commented one user who donated $25, before tagging Trump’s signature slogan “#MAGA.”




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