The Vagina-Heads Marched on Washington DC

I witnessed the spectacle of the p*ssy brigade who marched on Washington, DC. They called it “The Women’s March on Washington.”

I beg to differ.

pussy-womenI swear I have never seen such a ragtag group of “women” in one place in my life. Seriously I must admit that my idea of what women represent was shattered forever after seeing this motley crew.

Understand I know that women come in all different shapes and sizes. But keep it real, half those women look more like men, than many men I know. Personally I would have done chromosome checks as I know there were quite a few XY posers in that group.

Speaking of XY posers, a few women traveled with their weak ass “husbands.” I was shocked to see men wearing the pink p*ssy hats. I thought to myself, “How fitting!”

A show of solidarity for their oppressed wives?

I saw one family whose father was Asian, the mother white. The mother looked like the poster child for the sexually frustrated Leftist woman. Uptight Jewish woman, who likely harped on this guy for anything and everything. They had ridden the Amtrak back to the airport, because they couldn’t get anywhere on the metro.

The couple has two kids in tow. The girl was around 14, the boy around 10. I’m sure they loved being a part of the festivities. But what was most interesting to me is that this couple was teaching their children this nonsense. They wouldn’t have dared protest against Barack Obama if he shared the identical views of Trump.

Back to the crowd

They should have called this the “White Women’s March on Washington.” What I saw was mostly privileged white women with time to kill.

There were either young white girls with trust funds who could get mommy to finance their jaunt. Or, the women were wealthy white women, whose husbands stayed home to watch the kids, or the nanny did. These women were far past their primes, and their husbands were likely happy to see them gone.

I talked briefly with a woman who had come from Switzerland.

“Why?” I asked, has she come to America for this event. The expense notwithstanding, but also to the need to interfere in American politics. I informed her that women in America don’t have a care in the world about her issues as a woman. Thus, I doubt any of them would go there to march on her behalf.

She saw this march as historic. However, she confided in me that she didn’t know much about Trump.

You can bet that if the Tea Party Community had a march like this, the fact that this march had few blacks would have been front and center.

So why the march?

signsSign after sign reinforced the various “fake news” narratives of the Left. The prevailing narrative was “It’s my body.”

However most signs had multiple narratives. They associated President Trump with the KKK and hate, or anti-women and anti-minority.

Honestly, there was no creativity whatsoever. No surprise there. If they were really creative, they would have done this march in the Middle East! But then again, the Middle East doesn’t much cater to women, especially Lesbians.

Whoop, there it is.

This event was a veritable “meatfest” for Lesbians. As I indicated, they were there in droves, looking more manly than Liam Neeson. I can only hope DC had enough “liquor” licenses to give out.

One headline read: Cathartic moment or enduring movement?

liberals-crying-1I say neither. These women represent damaged pathetic harlots looking for a reason to man-bash. That’s what the former president allowed.

What changed in a day with the election of Trump?

Women will get more jobs. Women will become more empowered, as more become entrepreneurs.

These women will go back to their miserable lives of being taken care of by men, and the world will return to normal. These snowflakes will cry when they realize nothing has changed, and that they must find their place in the world just like men.

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