Watching Leftist Democrat Hacks Fail Against Trump in 2017

The Democrats happily take advice from a “dead man walking,” politically speaking. And that’s what Barack Obama represents.

Obama convened the biggest losers (the Democrats) together to offer advice on how to defeat Donald Trump, ergo sanity. The meeting was held in hopes of Obama preserving his legacy of insanity.

Tune in next week, when the Democrats ask Rosie O’Donnell to teach them etiquette and good manners.

As the Washington Post reports,

By the end of the month, Republicans will control both Congress and the White House — but Democrats think they can control the narrative.

President Obama took a rare trip to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to counsel congressional Democrats to just let Republicans flail in the wind, then point fingers when they fail.

Don’t “rescue” Republicans when it comes to repealing and replacing Obamacare, the president urged them. “Stay strong,” he urged them.

“If they want to break this, they own it,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) told MSNBC shortly after Obama’s meeting with Democrats.

Stay the course? Holy Mother of the Maniacal!

dineonliberalsThis would be the “course” that had Democrats losing 1030 seats to Republicans, and giving a guy they call a “mad man” the presidency?

The course that will undoubtedly flip the Supreme Court strongly in favor of Republicans, and dare I say Conservatives?

Chuck Schumer and other Democrats said openly they will, “Obstruct obstruct obstruct!”

How racist is that? Oh wait…the new president is a white Republican. Disregard.

The article continues,

But the “you-break-it-you-buy-it” strategy illuminates another problem for Democrats: Their best option doesn’t so much involve stopping Republicans as it does just not giving them a hand. Congressional Democrats don’t have a whole lot of tangible roadblocks to throw up to stop the GOP and President-elect Donald Trump from dismantling much of Obama’s legacy.

Their strategy might work, if they were dealing with a regular Republican. But Trump is the new and improved version, impervious to old-school Democrat tactics.

Trump will take the Democrats’ capitulation as “him winning the negotiation.” Thus, he will sell the public, not on the idea, but on Trump having won!

And let’s face it…ObamaCare sucks.

ObamacareNo matter how much marketing the Left throws at ObamaCare, the truth has leaked out. Premiums have skyrocketed under the plan, and people fear going to the doctor more than ever, due to co-pays.

Doctors don’t want to accept the program, and there is a host of other issues.

Easy, peasy. ObamaCare…you’re fired!

And so will be any obstructionist who tries to stop Trump.

The Democrats say, “The Republicans have nothing to replace it!”, as they continue their third-grader scare tactics. They forget, however that Trump loves to take old things and make them new.

Consider ObamaCare a dilapidated building. Trump buys it; then he rehabs it and sells it for an enormous profit.

That’s what ObamaCare represents to Trump. An old building he got for a steal. It’s prime real-estate that just needs somebody with vision to take a chance.

Trump takes chances. And he usually wins. This time, he has the biggest checkbook on the planet, and he knows how to leverage it.

Obama’s baby will be adopted. The child will now be upgraded to Trump.

So enjoy watching Democrats fail over and over, as they try to outmarket the P. T. Barnum of our time.


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