Why This Photo Went Viral: Black Man Confronts White Woman

Why This Photo Went Viral: Black Man Confronts White Woman

The overwhelming majority of black people in America are great people.

Black man helps older woman cross streetIt’s a small few who have tainted the reputation of blacks. Unfortunately, that tiny number has been bolstered by the criminal politicians who profit from grievance. Thus, the criminal blacks get the most coverage.

America is far less racist than Leftist Democrats want us to believe. In fact, racism in relative terms in minuscule when viewed through the number of interactions Americans have daily, from an inter-cultural perspective.

Take for example this random act of kindness captured in a photo by a Virginia woman.

WSET reports,

Amanda Logan was on her way home from work when she spotted a man in the middle of the road stopping traffic. That was when she noticed that the man was helping an elderly woman cross the road.

The woman had reportedly been trying to cross on her own, but cars were swerving around her as traffic continued before she could make it to the crosswalk.  So the man, Brandon Hairston, ran into the middle of the street to stop traffic in order to allow her to cross.

“It was so nice to see this young man doing an act of kindness,” Logan said. “So I thought it would just be nice to you know make it known. I didn’t know who he was and I just decided at the last moment to snap a picture.”

Logan posted the picture she snapped to her Facebook account with a caption:

Facebook I want to share this young man’s kind act. I don’t know who he is and maybe someone here on Facebook knows. Today this elderly lady was trying to cross Piney Forest through moving traffic. She seemed a little confused as cars dodged her coming from McDonald’s. Our light was green and cars were steadily trying to move around her then this young man gets out of his car to help her cross in traffic. We hear so much about the bad in Danville, I thought I would share something good. Good job young man whom ever you are! God bless him! — with Brandon Hairston.

The fake news media and other Leftists overlook these random acts of kindness. They choose not to see the better side of America, focusing on the negative.

I contend that Leftist don’t want America to know that a young black man would help an old white lady cross the street. They prefer that you think he is a street thug ready to rob the unsuspecting woman.

Leftists have certainly created the environment where this old white woman might have been at risk. I’m glad this young man proved them wrong, again.

Forward this link to others, and help dispel Leftist myths.

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