MEDIA PISSED: President Trump Obtains GODLIKE Status in the Middle East [VIDEO]

MEDIA PISSED: President Trump Obtains GODLIKE Status in the Middle East [VIDEO]

Barack WHO?

What happens when your rock star is a one-hit wonder? Just ask leftists who put their faith in pyrite, yes “Fool’s Gold,” whom I call baby black Jesus.

However, for the 63 million “white trash Americans” who voted for Donald Trump, in a word…vindication. We all hit the lotto AND got family passes to NASCAR and Branson.

Donald Trump is a “rock star” here and abroad. They have an Arab name for the man, as Trump sells out concert venues in the Middle East.

As Assad and whatever goat-humper claims to run ISIS is called knows by now, Trump won’t play when it comes to terrorism. Moreover, those who condone terror may find a MOAB parked in their driveway soon.

The bombings of Syria and Afghanistan should have occurred during the time of Obama. But Obama didn’t have the balls. No problem. Trump had plenty for them both.

We chronicled an interview on CNN by a Syrian man who shocked the world with his comments. The CNN host was truly speechless during this interview.

Local Afghan Applauds Trump for dropping MOAB

“There were ISIS camps there,” said one Afghani man.

Not anymore. 36 dead bad guys.

After President Trump dropped a MOAB in Afghanistan killing 36 ISIS terrorists, the reaction was practically legendary. The people of Afghanistan cheered the action.

Trump is more loved by Arabs in the Middle East than he is by our media. The very media that claims Trump is Islamophobia and racist against Arabs must now watch as their narrative falls apart at the seams.

Ironically, Obama doesn’t fare as well.

Furthermore, American cartoonists aren’t the only ones to accuse Obama of aligning with terrorists. Citizens of the Middle East agree.

As the Brookings Institute suggests, Obama squandered any U.S.-Arab relations:

After eight taxing years under George W. Bush, the Cairo speech was meant to propose a stark shift and a “new beginning.” The Iraq War had exhausted and polarized the nation and the world, and the opportunity to begin again was met with relief and even excitement, including in the Middle East. For a foreign-policy speech that the White House had made clear was the most important of the newly elected president, Obama would speak directly to Arabs, in the Arab world’s most populous country. It is difficult to think of another speech that captured the boundless optimism and sense of possibility that Obama embodied in his first days in office.

The article goes on to rebuke Obama in no uncertain terms.

As for Trump, however, Arabs are enthralled. Unlike Obama, for Trump, the Arab world will offer more and more respect.






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