Black Harvard Graduates and Other Black Leftist Nonsense

Black Harvard Graduates and Other Black Leftist Nonsense

Leftist media reached out to me for my comments on the black students of Harvard requesting a separate commencement.

I explained to them that black students segregating at Harvard showcases just how worthless their Harvard pigskin is.

Blacks of the past fought to put blacks into the mainstream. We didn’t want to be considered “black,” but to just be considered FAIRLY. That is no longer the case.

Not only are blacks graded on a curve in most of life’s circumstances, for Leftist blacks this isn’t enough. Truth be told, if it weren’t for quotas 20 percent of blacks would lose their jobs immediately, and for two reasons:

  1. They suck at the job
  2. They have crappy attitudes because See #1

I spoke to mostly white parents and school administrators recently at a highly prestigious school. The parents lamented that black kids were allowed to be late to class, late turning in assignments, and to be unruly in the classroom. The parents were vying for their children to get this “privilege,” but instead for the school to adhere to the standards of decorum.

This problem is not unique to this school. Schools at all levels coddle black kids, and provide a host of excuses for failure.

Anybody think black students at Harvard suffer any hardships not of their own creation?

To buy the narrative of these black snowflakes, you’d think the National Guard must escort them to class. And this after the white students have beaten them or spat on them for being black.

Getting into Harvard may still have a bit of swag in years past. However, today, for blacks attending and graduating from Harvard has become “been there, done that.” No longer is a black Harvard student or graduate an anomaly.

Many Harvard blacks are indeed there on “Affirmative Action” and not on pure merit, though this is not the case for all. Nevertheless, there remains an irony that the very blacks who now want to “opt out” of the non-black commencement are in effect saying, “Join the Tier Two commencement.”.

In one pre-interview by NPR on this topic, I asked the producer if she knew the name of Ms. Black America.

Do you? Does anybody black you know happen to know? Doubtful.

And you likely can’t find 10 people in the world who can name even a single Ms. Black America. That fact alone make the award and role irrelevant.

But I bet you know the name Vanessa Williams. Williams won Ms. America and deservedly so.

Even when the crown was stripped (pardon the pun) from her, she remained Ms. America in the eyes of many, black and white.

If Williams were Ms. Black America nobody would know her or even care. Williams represented all of America, not just blacks. And any white Ms. America represents us all.

Back to Harvard.

Since when has self-segregation worked? Do you know many people who want to live in “black neighborhood”? 

Would you voluntarily send your children to a “black school”?

This is not to condemn black people, as we are amazing folks. But the situations in which Democrats and Leftist policies have put us don’t bode well for good outcomes.

If black people want to be mainstream, then why have BET? In effect, BET says to whites, “You’re not welcome to view our TV channel.” Thus, how will whites cross the imaginary cultural divide?

Black students speak to whites of things like “white privilege” and “cultural appropriation,” as if they whites are the reason for black angst.

Sure, Planned Parenthood makes black genocide easier. But, they aren’t holding guns to heads of black women who have made their wombs the most dangerous place in America for black children.

Despite Democrats control of cities, it’s not they who commit crimes in disproportionate numbers, it’s blacks. And, these crimes are against other blacks, again no white people in sight.

Institutions of Higher Learning?

Anybody who believes universities train students for the future are misguided. That may have been the case for higher ed in the past, however it is no longer.

Metaphorically speaking, from an educational standpoint Harvard manufactured Ferraris. To earn a Harvard degree meant you could compete with the best the world had to offer. However, political correctness hit academia harder than any other institution in America, and intentionally so. Thus, Harvard and other universities have dumbed themselves down. So, when black students are allowed into Harvard, they get in with engines built for a Ford Volt.

Interestingly, Harvard doesn’t remove the engine and replace it with a Ferrari. They actually fine-tune the engine of the Volt. Thus, black students get coddled, not challenged. They are fed substandard fuel, given no additives. Meanwhile, the Ferraris are given higher octane, and additives to improve performance.

The cars roll off the manufacturing line, and the non-black students are prepared to race. The black students only look like they are prepared to race. Ford Volts don’t win races.

In the past when a black student was thrust into an uncomfortable situation, they overcame. Hollyweird has made hundreds of movies about blacks who supposedly were out of their league, but overcame. But those black heroes are no more. Universities now manufacture lemons; black whiners who believe their struggle competes with the struggles of true civil rights leaders.

To be clear, blacks at Harvard wanting anything separate is ridiculous. Pathetic even.

Their forefathers fought to get them in the game, and now their progeny opts to go right back into shackles.

The best thing these blacks could do is stand proudly with non-black Harvard grads. America would watch year after year as the number of minority students swells.


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