Feminist Mom Promises To Turn 3-Year-Old Son “Into A Proud Princess Whether He Likes It Or Not”

Feminist Mom Promises To Turn 3-Year-Old Son “Into A Proud Princess Whether He Likes It Or Not”

Leftist feminists continue to be a walking contradiction. Feminists have become the very definition of “Do as I say and not as I do.”

Feminists fight daily to bring light to women’s issues, as they achieve landmark legislation like Title IX and the Lily Ledbetter act. And with each law passed they validate that they are indeed the weaker sex.

Perhaps this is why some feminists have resorted to emasculating men. And in this most extreme example, you may begin to understand their hatred towards men.

As the Daily Mail reports, Leah McLaren was outraged and ‘offended’ by her son showing signs of masculinity. She quickly jumped on her blog to tell others how she plans to change his disgraceful behavior.  She writes:

The other day I was sitting in the park with James, 3, when I picked a dandelion and handed it to him as a present. “No way, Mummy,” he said, pushing away my gift. “Flowers are pretty and I’m a boy.”

And I thought: That’s it. I’m signing him up for ballet.

As James gets older and begins to discover himself, I realize that he is being guided just as much by what he vehemently rejects as what he genuinely loves…There is something inherently sexist, even covertly misogynist, in the way we discourage boys away from pretty things while telling girls they can have it all.

This woman’s mind is truly warped.

How is beating out her son’s personality and force-feeding him what she wants him to do not culturally conditioning him? Isn’t this contradicting the whole basis of the feminist movement? Just allow us to be and discover who we are as we wish.

The senselessness continues:

“You might think this is no big deal,” she writes, “that my son is just behaving ‘naturally,’ but I’m automatically wary of notions of biological determinism. When he hands me back a flower because pretty things are for girls, I think, what’s next? Kindness? Decency? Dancing?”

We are talking about a three-year-old child reacting naturally to his world. And his Stepford Wife-trained “mother” wants him to comply to the politically correct world she imagines herself in.

The twisted irony is that she showcases discrimination against men, as well as bullying and child abuse without a moment’s hesitation.

What Leah is essentially saying is that she does not accept her son for who he really is; she seeks to change and control him into what she deems “natural.” She completely repulses science, which says the amount of exposure to male hormones and androgens in utero almost exclusively decides whether the child identifies as masculine or feminine. Unlike climate change, that science is in.

Leftists say they seek freedom and equality, but you will dang sure do it their way. Conform or else.

Leah concludes by saying “I’m going to turn the little alphabet belcher into a proud princess whether he likes it or not.”

And we wonder how children grow up gender-confused? After this kid grows up and “marries” a man, the Left will demand that you admit the kid was “born this way.”

What else will she “correct” on this child? This is child abuse, but you can bet there are leftist women who praise Leah’s efforts.


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