Tennessee SHOCKS College Snowflakes with Latest Decision

Tennessee SHOCKS College Snowflakes with Latest Decision

There is a free speech crisis in America today. This is a crisis that affects college students most acutely.

Stories run rampant these days of conservative ideologues disinvited to give on-campus speeches.

College administrators indulge the feelings of liberal snowflakes and anarchists who demonize conservative thinkers. For far too long colleges have shut down speech, based solely on ideology.

Tennessee HALTS Free Speech ShutdownThose times may be coming to an end.

The State of Tennessee found a way to fight back against the free speech stranglehold leftist-controlled wackademia holds over students and faculty.

In what may be the epicenter for change, the Tennessee state legislature just passed the Campus Free Speech Act. Signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam (R) on May 9th, CSFA is undoubtedly the strongest free speech enforcement bill in the country, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

The law ensures that students will not be shut down because of their political beliefs.

This new law requires all college campuses to adopt policies consistent with the University of Chicago’s Free Speech Policy Statement.

From now on, TN colleges and universities must be committed “to the principle that debate or deliberation may not be suppressed because the ideas put forth are thought by some or even by most members of the University community to be offensive, unwise, immoral, or wrong-headed.”

In addition, the Campus Free speech Act also:

  • Bans “free speech zones”
  • Considers every part of the U.S. to guarantee First Amendment rights
  • Forbids colleges and universities from disinviting or rescinding invitations of speakers invited by students or faculty.

But that’s not all.

The legislation protects university professors against liberal snowflake students who try to oust them due to thought-provoking, trigger statements like “Ann Coulter likes Legal Immigrants.”

Proving this law enjoyed broad, bipartisan support, 115 of the 122 legislators in Louisiana’s House and Senate voted for the bill.

This Law should be on the Books in Every State of the Union

It’s one thingTennessee HALTS Free Speech Shutdown to protect free speech in Tennessee, where progressive and centrist conservatives share common ground with liberals on a number of issues.

No doubt, one instigating factor was the University of Memphis‘ removal of funding from its student newspaper because the student government there disagreed with the paper’s content. Suppressing the media is what communist countries do. And we know that wackademia has become almost completely communist.

But forget Memphis, when you have California.

This is the state where paid anarchists violently force conservative speakers off university campuses on a regular basis.

A case in point happened this week at Orange Coast College. Liberal students and faculty stormed the administration building, demanding the institution remove the College Republicans from campus.

Why, you may ask?

Because the College Republicans dared to expose the truth.

The group released classroom recordings and public emails that exposed hostility against conservative students by multiple professors on campus.

There’s nothing like the TRUTH to piss off liberal wackademia.

Massachusetts’ conservatives could use these protections as well.

At Harvard, the university practically mandated that incoming freshmen sign a “civility pledge.” And you can bet their definition of “civility” is not mainstream, ergo yours. The university threatened discipline and overt shaming to those who declined to sign.

Nothing like the threat of coercion to gain “willful cooperation.”

Tennessee shocks college snowflakesAs MIC.com noted:

“Some students feel [entitled] to suppress opinions they dislike. … [T]aking such illiberal courses of action as shouting down speakers whose opinions they think don’t deserve to be heard, stealing and trashing newspapers with content they think doesn’t deserve to be read, or destroying the displays of student organizations they think don’t deserve a spot in the marketplace of ideas.”

The legislation has some roadblocks.

The Louisiana state legislature recently tried to duplicate Tennessee’s recent success in this area.

However, representatives in the pelican state failed to pass their free speech protections bill in the State House.

A general call to arms seems warranted. Call your state representatives and demand they ensure college students have the same free speech rights on campuses that they have off of them.

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