Trump Reveals It Took ’10 Minutes’ To Accomplish What Obama Never Could

Trump Reveals It Took ’10 Minutes’ To Accomplish What Obama Never Could

The media waits at the ready to hammer Donald Trump.

After each interview, the media focuses solely on what they believe are his slip-ups. 

This might matter if the media still mattered. Donald Trump can now blow his own horn.

President Trump did just that in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

President Donald Trump offered that he prefers the personal approach to get things accomplished with world leaders. And that what he says he did to secure the release of Egyptian-American aid worker, Aya Hijazi.

Hijazi was in Egyptian custody and held without trial for almost three years. The charges against her were human trafficking. In the period of her detainment, the Obama administration was rebuffed by the Egyptians at every turn.

We wrote a while back that the new Egyptian government tricked Obama into publicly backing Morsi.

Morsi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group despised in Egypt. After the U.S. helped oust the previous leader. As soon as the new president was appointed, the Egyptians overthrew him.

Our sources say this was an intentional snub of Obama and his administration. So, it’s no wonder that Obama couldn’t get Hijazi back.

Nevertheless, recently she flew back to the United States and was greeted by President Trump in the Oval Office.

In the interview with the Examiner, Trump explained how he achieved the release of Hijazi.

Trump recounted the brief face-to-face talk with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi in April in the Oval Office.

“As you know, President Obama tried to have Aya released for three and a half years,” Trump said.

“I was with President el-Sisi for 10 minutes. During that 10-minute session, I said it would be a great honor for this country and I think it would be a very positive step if Aya were released,” Trump said.

Trump said that el-Sisi replied,

“I would like to consider that.”

Trump said he also told Egyptian leaders he considered the issue “really very” important.

Trump continued:

“And he was so great. He not only released Aya, he released her husband, and he released eight people total … I thought it was fantastic,” Trump said.

“I know that he didn’t like President Obama, and I know President Obama did not like him. But I do like him. And I thought it was a great and brilliant gesture,” he said.

“And I very much appreciated it. She would have been in jail for 28 years. She is a young person. She is a good person. She is a totally innocent person,” Trump added.

Trump dealt with China in much the same way.

During the campaign, Trump chastised China for their practices in dealing with the U.S. People found his rhetoric contentious, even unpresidential. However as we have written, Trump was in a negotiation. And it paid off.

During the interview, Trump noted the U.S.-China relations:

“President XI of China, who I think is a very good person, wants the best for his people,” he says.

“… I think he is a fantastic person. Now, maybe he won’t do anything for the United States or maybe he will. But I think he is a very good person, and my opinion of that won’t change,” Trump said.

“So when I met him at Mar-a-Lago, which is a dealmakers paradise, and we sat in that living room, in these big beautiful chairs, and we sat there, it was supposed to be a 10-minute one-on-one, then we go into a breakout room where we have 40 people — 40 people, you know, 40 each — and that was going to be the whole day,” Trump said. “So we sat for 10 minutes, but the 10 minutes turned out to be three hours.”

“And, so, now we have a real relationship. I spoke to him again two days ago. He is a great guy. Now, with that being said, he is in love with China, and he is in love with the people of China. And that is a great thing. But I think he is going to try to help us with North Korea. Because he does not want to see us wanting to attack North Korea. And I think he would love to see if he could work something out,” Trump added.

What Trump didn’t tout was the fact that China will undoubtedly reduce its $347 billion trade advantage over the U.S.

The days of screwing over America are over. China knows it, and soon the world will know it.


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