Democratic Congressmen Build WEBSITE DEDICATED TO LEAKING Information

Democratic Congressmen Build WEBSITE DEDICATED TO LEAKING Information

Americans don’t need to wonder who’s leaking classified information any longer.

Democrats openly brag about being the leakers of top secret information and being the fathers of fake news.

In Comey’s testimony the other day, he validated two things:

  1. He and other Democrats leak information.
  2. Don’t trust the media for news.

Ironically, on point #2, Comey anonymously leaked his “contemporaneous” notes to the very news he declared to be fake!

More ironic is the fact that while the nation looks to plug the holes in our intelligence apparatus, two Democratic members of Congress launched a taxpayer-funded, official government website to show federal employees how to leak government information to the media.

In an article headlined “Federal Employees Guide To Sharing Key Information With The Public,” Reps. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., and Don Beyer, D-Va., encourage whistleblowers to continue leaking to the media.

Do you really need to ask if they would dare encourage such a thing during the Era of Obama?

Next, Lieu and Beyer released a statement in February.

The statement included instructions for federal employees and White House staffers who want to leak information to the press.

“Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) and Congressman Don Beyer (D | Virginia) released a resource guide for federal employees who wish to break the Administration’s communications blackout on federal agencies.” The statement reads:

The guide explains how to safely and responsibly share information, and encourages employees to “Know Your Rights” and “Know Your Options.” In the “Know Your Rights” section, federal employees can learn about which federal laws apply to them. In the “Know Your Options” section, employees can learn about how to safely disseminate information to agency inspectors general and the press. The resource guide also includes links to an in-depth list of federal whistleblower statutes and information about agency inspectors general.

Lieu and other leftists have tired of no longer having the ability to set the fake news narratives. Fancying themselves a leftist WikiLeaks, Lieu and Beyer will soon find out this project won’t help Democrats.

“We believe the American people have a right to know how their government works,” Lieu said in a statement accompanying his guide’s release.

“The Trump administration has strapped a muzzle on federal agencies and attacked legitimate whistleblowers. Should federal employees wish to break that silence, we want this to be a resource for the safe and responsible disclosure of information.”

Interestingly, the Left didn’t seem to care much about how government worked under Obama. There was little concern that government worked, but that government spent.

I join Lieu in a call for transparency. In fact, we asked for the very same over 8 years ago. We got none.

Now that citizens are getting the inside scoop, the Left pretends we are not.

The Left feels the need to protect us from Trump administration policies, like more jobs, a safer country and society, and fiscal responsibility.

In the “Know Your Options” section, the websites includes links to federal whistleblower statutes. Further, the site suggests employees use encrypted messages to communicate with the press.

And in what may be the biggest laugh of the project, Lieu lists a number of left-leaning media outlets – including the New York Times, the Washington Post, ProPublica, the Intercept and the Guardian – that will accept and publish anonymous leaks.

As they say, “The more things change…”

We should bombard the website with fake news. Then we monitor how many times we can get the leftist rags to cover the stories.


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