Father of Political Prisoner: Obama Could Have Done More [VIDEO]

Father of Political Prisoner: Obama Could Have Done More [VIDEO]

As Donald Trump showcases daily, Obama was a dismal failure in everything.

Obama’s domestic policy has been proven to be little more than smoke and mirrors. And his foreign policy sets the standard for “how low can you go.”

Remember when former Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi made one wrong turn at the Mexican border? With all the support America has given Mexico, Obama couldn’t get the military man back.

Here is the response from the White House.  Seriously. I’m not kidding (emphasis mine).

We respect the rule of law and expect the judicial process of sovereign nations to protect other U.S. citizens who might find themselves in similar circumstances in the future…We will continue to monitor the case and work with the Mexican authorities as this case proceeds through the Mexican judicial system.”

Nothing to see here:  Coverage of the hearing was not covered by MSM.

Many have rightfully been angry with the hands-off approach from Obama, especially after trading off some terrorists for one deserter. Obama has not visited or spoken to Tahmooressi or his family.

That same situation played out in North Korea.

Truth be told, the North Koreans released Warmbier not because of his ill health.

Instead, he was released because of what President Trump planned next for the rogue regime.

For almost two years, Otto Warmbier languished in a North Korean prison over a joke. Should he have taken down the picture of the North Korean dictator’s father? No. But to serve prison time for a prank is ridiculous.

However, Warmbier’s imprisonment wasn’t about his prank, but more North Korea’s mocking appreciation of Obama as “the leader of the free world.”

Unlike the throngs of leftists who elected then re-elected this rank novice, the rest of the world knew what they were dealing with: a pansy.

The father of Otto Warmbier knocked the Obama administration for not doing enough to bring his son home from North Korea. He said,

“The results speak for themselves.”

Fred Warmbier made his comments at a recent press conference.

Then, he provided updates on his son’s condition.

As it turns out, for the better part of a year Otto Warmbier lay in a coma in the North Korean prison.

A reporter asked Warmbier if he felt the Obama administration had done enough to bring his son back to the United States, and Warmbier gave a short but stern response.

“The question is: do I think the past administration could have done more?” Warmbier said. “I think the results speak for themselves.”

Warmbier credits Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the rest of the State Department for the release of his son.

Regardless of your politics, if your child is being held hostage, you thank whoever gets him or her back.

One need only look at Obama’s dismal history in recovering Americans in such circumstances to understand how bad he performed.

He traded 5 truly bad jihadis for one traitor. Americans languish in prisons all over the world, particularly in countries with dictators and Obama did little to get them back.

He paid ransoms to Iran to free a handful of hostages, then denied doing so. Meanwhile, many others like Otto Warmbier received little to no attention. According to the New York Times, Warmbier was “brutalized and terrorized” in North Korea, as Obama golfed and vacationed.

Leftists should be ashamed of Obama’s record on all fronts. They are simply too dogmatic to see his true failures.

America ushers in a new era of American excellence, thanks to President Trump. Kudos for getting Otto Warmier back.




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