Free Iran Event in Paris: The Iranian Tea Party

Free Iran Event in Paris: The Iranian Tea Party

Though the Free Iran movement doesn’t call themselves the Tea Party of Iran, I do.

When your movement has seen over 100,000 people killed for the cause of freedom, it reminds me of the American revolution.

Now that America has a new president, and one that will actually take America’s foreign policy seriously, the world watches and waits. When leftists in America finish their snipe hunt over Russia, Washington, major European capitals and major capitals in the Middle East will again be abuzz with issues related to Iran.

The pervasive export of fundamentalism and Islamic extremism by Iran in the region is only the beginning. Ballistic missile tests, provocative incidents in international waters, flagrant human rights abuses, imprisonment of dual citizens, and arms smuggling represent only a handful of issues that are concern for the international community when it comes to Iran.

Consequently, the architects of global security policy are faced with serious questions. Things like how to curb the Iranian regime’s nefarious regional and international conduct. Should new sanctions be imposed on the regime? And what of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)? Should it be designated a terrorist organization?

These questions are made more pressing by the fading hope for change in the Iranian regime’s conduct following the nuclear agreement.

Nevertheless, signs of popular restiveness become more apparent, and this makes a comprehensive global security policy even more imperative.

Free Iran event in Paris on July 1

With an understanding of this imperative, a unique international event, organized by Iranian communities in Europe takes place in Paris on July 1 to address this pressing issue.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the Free Iran rally, which incidentally will occur after the Iranian “presidential elections,” that recently took place on May 19.

The Free Iran rally event includes Iranian expats and their international supporters, along with hundreds of political, social, and cultural dignitaries from throughout the world.

A large bipartisan group of American policymakers and experts will take part and address the gathering. It will include senior officials from the past four administrations who have been involved in key U.S. national security policies. Former senior U.S. military commanders, members of Congress, and others will be joined by multi-party delegations of former senior European officials, and by dignitaries from the Arab world.

An overview of a previous instance of the annual gathering can be seen at this link:

The upcoming event will fulfill a number of important roles:

  • It will provide a different perspective on the situation and offer Western nations a policy alternative that emphasizes the voice of native Iranians.
  • In the wake of a change in U.S. leadership, it will present a rare example of bipartisanship in the makeup of the American delegation.
  • A sizeable number of young Iranians who have fled Iran in recent years (even after the nuclear agreement) will take part in the rally and will encourage better understanding of the situation in Iran.
  • It will serve as a starting point for region-wide cooperation, in light of the presence of senior politicians and activists from Arab and Muslim countries, as well as a delegation from the moderate Syrian opposition, including those who took part in the Geneva talks.

The event features several round table discussions by various experts and policymakers on June 30, a day before the Paris rally.  Journalists will be invited to attend alongside a select number of guests of which I am one.

President Trump has indicated that Iran has become a major issue on his foreign policy radar. Let’s hope he will support the Free Iran movement.

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