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MSNBC Host Claims Trump Provokes Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

MSNBC Host Claims Trump Provokes Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

Fake news anchor Thomas Roberts of MSNBC developed a theory in the wake of the Muslim terror attacks in London.

Roberts believes Trump provokes the attacks so that he can be “right” about terrorism threats.

Roberts said:

“The president doesn’t want us to be politically correct, right? So let’s not be PC about this. Is the president trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attack with this Twitter rant, because only to prove himself right?”

Aside from the obvious fact that the terror attacks occurred in London and not anywhere in the United States, the theory remains laughable.

What’s more fascinating is the notion that these attacks suddenly began to occur when President Trump hit the scene.

In 2017 alone, there have been over 900 Muslim terror attacks around the world.

46 countries have experienced the scourge of Islam, and over 6500 people killed and another 7500 wounded.

Were these attacks provoked by Donald Trump?

In further irony, the first Muslim Mayor of London dismissed the terror attacks as something to expect when living in a big city. The man equates carnage in the name of Islam as regular old “run-of-the-mill crime.”

The world must recognize Muslim terrorists for what they are, and not what the PC multiculturalists want us to believe.

Interestingly, twice Roberts baited others to join in his lunacy.

The video was cut before Roberts attempted to get others to join in his quacky theory. However, there were no takers.

In the second interview Roberts spoke with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. He reiterated his claim, however Dean ignored this dangerous idea.

Muslim terror attacks escalated geometrically between the decades of the ’70s and the ’90s. However, these attacks have reached dangerous levels, escalating exponentially.

The number of attacks that previously took place in a decade, now happens in a matter of weeks.

And as the mayor of London alluded, soon radical jihad will be considered “life in the big city.” That’s until it spreads to the little cities.

We must NEVER allow these attacks to become commonplace in the civilized world.

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